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Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School Horncastle

Nationwide School Uniforms

COVID-19 Update

Here at Nationwide School Uniforms, we continue to support QEGS by offering an online platform for all order requirements.  Orders placed via our website continue to be shipped within 48 hours.

Furthermore, we have nearly completed our full sewing program and as a result, we are pleased to confirm that we will be fully stocked, ready to fulfil all orders during the forthcoming “back to school” period; a result of 12 months of planning and a commitment to holding high stock levels.

With the recent announcement that all non-essential retailers will be able to re-open from the 15th June, we are now working hard to put the finishing touches to our shop extension, something that has been somewhat difficult given the recent lockdown period.  Although we do not envisage being finished in time to open from the 15th, we expect to be open shortly after this, by the end of June at the very latest.

Given current social distancing guidelines and government advice that all changing facilities are to remain closed, when we do re-open our retail store, we will be operating a “trade counter” style system.  This will not only enable us to provide a service for those customers who would prefer to come to the store in person, but more importantly, we can offer a safe environment for both our staff and customers to operate within.

In the coming weeks we will be wiritng to your school to give full details of how Nationwide School Uniforms will be operating during the busy “back to school” period and school will pass this information on to all pupils, however there is one clear message for all “be prepared & buy as early as you can”.


Uniform Direct

COVID-19 Update

Uniform Direct will continue to offer all parents the opportunity to order online. Orders may on occasions trip over the usual 3-5 working days although the majority will leave us within this time.  We recommend that any parents wishing to make contact with us directly should do so initially by email through  This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it..
We have taken off the delivery charge for all orders over £25 to further assist those parents who wish to purchase uniform online during this period.  We will continue to offer prepaid labels for parents to return items that don’t fit, either when purchased or should a child have a growth spurt between order and start of school. Please email requests for prepaid labels.

There will be regular updates on our website as further announcements are made by the Government.

Please be assured that we are fully stocked with uniform ready for the September 2020 intake and schools and parents can be confident that all of this year’s stock has arrived with us already, the global situation has not affected us as we always order early to ensure all products are received into stock in advance for our schools and parents.

We are also proactive in keeping up to date with Government guidelines and we plan to reopen in time to ensure that when our schools return every student will have been able to access their uniform ready for their next academic year.