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Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School Horncastle

 Please download and use any of the forms/policies provided below.  If you are unable to download or print please ask at the school office for a paper copy.

Our HET policies can be found on the HET website

Privacy Notices:


pdf icon Against Bullying Policy.pdf 

pdf icon Assessment and Feedback Policy.pdf

pdf icon Behaviour Policy.pdf 

pdf icon Capability Policy.pdf

pdf icon Careers Policy.pdf

pdf icon Charging Remissions Policy.pdf

pdf icon Child Protection Policy and Safeguarding Policy.pdf 

pdf icon Complaints Policy.pdf

pdf icon Confidential Reporting Policy.pdf

small pdf icon Data Protection Policy.pdf

pdf icon Dignity at Work Policy.pdf

small pdf icon Disability Equality Accessibility Plan.pdf 

small pdf icon Equality Policy.pdf

small pdf icon Exams Policy.pdf

small pdf icon Exclusion Policy.pdf

pdf icon Finance Policy.pdf

pdf icon Governance Framework.pdf

pdf icon Grievance Procedure and Policy.pdf

pdf icon Health and Safety Policy.pdf


Leave of Absence Requests

We are no longer able to authorise holiday leave of any kind within term-time. This is statutory and came into force from 1st September 2013. The expectation that parents of particular professions could take leave due to their job has been removed, as has the reference to ’10 days’ of allowable leave. I appreciate this will pose problems for some parents who have already booked holidays. I suggest that parents do contact school prior to making any arrangements in future. Students taking time off for holidays or holiday-type activities will be recorded as ‘Unauthorised’ absence; we will disaggregate those figures to any outside agency that makes a request for attendance data. The Head still has some powers to authorise absence in exceptional circumstances.

For routine requests like interviews, medical treatment, open days and funerals, the school policy remains unchanged.

pdf icon Leave of Absence Form.pdf

pdf icon Mobile Phone Policy Statement.pdf 

pdf icon Monitoring and Evaluation Policy.pdf 

pdf icon Online Safety Policy.pdf 

pdf icon Relationships & Sex Education Policy.pdf

pdf icon Religious Education & Collective Worship.pdf

pdf icon Remote Learning Policy.pdf

pdf icon SEN & Disabilities Policy.pdf

small pdf icon Times of the school day.pdf

pdf icon Transport Letter.pdf


We expect a high standard of dress - please help your child to keep to our dress code.  Purchasing items for school which do not meet our requirements can prove very expensive.  Please check at school if you are uncertain. There is an up-to-date uniform list in your child’s planner. To find out more about the school uniform please view the link below.

pdf icon School Uniform List - Years 7-11.pdf 

pdf icon Year 7 - 11 School Uniform Illustration.pdf

pdf icon Sixth Form School Uniform List - Sep 2020.pdf 


The 16 - 19 Bursary Fund

pdf icon 16 - 19 Bursary Application 2021-22.pdf

pdf icon 16 - 19 Bursary & FSM Guidance Notes 2021-22.pdf

pdf icon 16 - 19 Bursary Reimbursement Form.pdf

pdf icon 16 - 19 Bursary Student Contract 2021-22.pdf


QEGS is an employer in the Local Government Pension Scheme. The scheme regulations* provide the Governors the option to exercise some discretions; Discretionary Policy documents below. This means that Governors can apply these discretions, giving consideration to each case, on its own merits rather than a blanket approach.

small PDF icon Early Termination of Employment Post 2008 - 210616.pdf

small PDF icon Injury Allowance and Gratuities - 210616.pdf

small PDF icon Post 2008 Employers - 210616.pdf

The policies will be reviewed annually and any changes will be published within one month of the change.

*Under Regulation 60 (statements of policy about exercise of discretionary functions) of the LGPS Regulations 2013 and paragraph 2(2) of Schedule 2 of the LGPS Transitional Regulations 2014, employers are required to make and publish policy statements on how they will exercise certain provisions within the LGPS.

In addition there are two further discretions relevant to employers, which relate to members who left before 1April 2014. These are under Regulation 66 of the Local Government Pension Scheme (Administration) Regulations 2008 (in respect of leavers between 1 April 2008 and 31 March 2014) and under Regulation 106 of the LGPS Regulation 1997 (in respect of leavers between 1 April 1998 and 31 March 2008).