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Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School Horncastle

Tuesday was a chance for Y7 students to undertake a morning of climate related activities.

Climate Conference - Day 2

These Y7 students are looking at the most suitable types of energy to power data centres in different parts of the world. The session was designed and led by Angela Meah – the co-owner of CoolDC (a technology company based in Lincoln). Students are now aware of the carbon footprint of the data centres and have started to consider what can be done to help. 

Climate Conference - Day 2

Students are pictured here with Jackie Elton who is discussing a range of issues associated with climate change. Jackie was able to break down the big issues into manageable and understandable sections relevant to the lives of the students. The session then went on to use the ‘draw down’ website to compare a number of possible solutions to climate change at a global scale.

Climate Conference - Day 2

The students here are learning about the Sustainable Development Goals from Jo Murphy of the Environment Agency. This activity involved assessing a number of different areas (from Health and Well-being to Energy and Water) and looking at specific ways to make school a more sustainable place.

Climate Conference - Day 2

Dr Sarah Hemstock visited school from Bishop Grosseteste University and led a session looking at the impacts of sea-level rise on islands in the South Pacific. Students were able to see the findings of her research and could ask questions about the impact on everyday life. They all realised that personal stories are at the heart of understanding climate change.

Climate Conference - Day 2Climate Conference - Day 2