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Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School Horncastle

As part of our commitment to supporting a dementia-friendly community, on Tuesday 21st May 2019 Year 8 students participated in our annual Dementia Awareness Day. Students had already learnt about dementia through a series of lessons developed by Alzheimer’s Society, they were then challenged to put this knowledge to good use as all of Year 8 worked together to develop new initiatives that could support people living with dementia in our local community.

Dementia Awareness Day  Dementia Awareness Day  Dementia Awareness Day

They were kindly supported by local volunteers from Magna Vitae, Wilkin Chapman, Golf in Society and Lincolnshire Cooperative who were able to support and guide the students to ensure their ideas would be achievable and would make the biggest possible difference locally. A date will be set later in the year for students to “pitch” their ideas to a panel of local people involved with dementia projects to see if the winning ideas can be made into reality!


Year 8 students had the following to say about their experience, “I learnt that people with dementia aren’t at all different to any one of us. They should be given the independence and opportunities they deserve.” “I learnt a lot about dementia and how it affects people all around the world. I also know how to help someone living with dementia.  Think about what they can do, not what they can’t.”

Dementia Awareness Day  Dementia Awareness Day  Dementia Awareness Day

During their lunch break, students hosted a variety of fundraising activities in the main school hall.  Having arranged everything in form groups, there was an excellent array of activities ranging from “Teacher Take down” to memory challenges as well as an abundance of blue cakes, candyfloss and popcorn and a hugely competitive teachers v students rounders match, in which the students were triumphant! The atmosphere at all the events was overwhelmingly positive and the activities raised a very impressive £289.97