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Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School Horncastle

On Friday 17th May, members of the Creative Writing group performed at St. Mary's Church as part of Horncastle's Art and Music Festival. 

The Year 7, 8 and 10 students had created a large clock which was filled with creative pieces inspired by the numbers 1-12 and the theme of time. At the performance students read all the work on the clock face. The pieces were fairly eclectic, ranging from moving comments about soldiers on the front line to the chocolate finger saga via sombre ducks and adventures to save the world! 

 All the students read well; however, special mention must go to Charlotte White in Y7 who stepped in at the last minute to read an unfamiliar piece and Emma Pearson also in Y7 for her highly entertaining performance about the number 10. Thanks also go to Jazmin's mother for her help in creating the numbers. 

 You can find the school performing music and drama at the church during the rest of the festival next week. Dali-inspired clocks, created by Year 9 students, are also at the church until the end of the festival.

QEGS students in St Mary's Church