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Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School Horncastle

There are plenty of opportunities for students to extend their work in class. There is an extensive library of relevant textbooks in the Geology study bay where students can carry out independent research.

There is currently a 3 day fieldtrip to the Yorkshire Coast where students are able to use their skills to determine the environments during the Jurassic Period. There are also two day trips to local geology and to Castleton in the Peak District, an area of outstanding geological interest. Fieldwork is obviously an important part of the subject and students are encouraged to carry out their own fieldwork wherever they travel.  Students are also encouraged to bring in their own collections and ‘finds’.

Dr Aggett has links with two local geoscience consultancies, Badley Ashton & Assoc. Ltd. and Badley Geoscience Ltd. Both companies have been supportive in terms of both resources and work experience placements.

The Department has its own seismometer (donated by the British Geological Society, see link below) that is capable of recording earthquakes of magnitude 6 or higher anywhere in the world (we have picked up a number from Japan for example!). Students are encouraged to monitor the earthquakes for themselves and to use the information to locate the epicentre.

Geology is such an interesting subject to study (many parents comment that they wish they had been given the opportunity!) that there are literally hundreds of TV programmes relevant to the subject and students can extend their knowledge of real-life examples through this and other media.