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Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School Horncastle

The department teaches a range of option courses beginning in Year 10 (Key Stage 4) where GCSE students may choose to pursue the AQA GCSE in Business Studies. This focuses initially on the skills and requirements for establishing a small business before moving on in Year 11 to examine the functional issues that are faced as a business develops. We also offer the LIBF CeFE qualification to students who are following the double award science course. This is designed to improve students’ awareness of financial issues that they will face as they get older and increase their capability to make informed decisions.

Key Stage 5 students may opt for Edexcel courses in either Business Studies or Economics. Business Studies allows students to develop an understanding of the functions within the business and the challenges of operating in a dynamic environment. Economics allows the students to gain a deeper understanding of how the world around them operates and the decisions taken that affect us all. Both subjects provide a varied and academically challenging course that encourages students to gain a greater understanding of the world around them.

We also offer the LIBF Certificate in Financial Studies as an enrichment activity in the Sixth Form. This AS equivalent course develops students’ awareness of personal financial management, the types of products and providers available, and the need to make informed decisions.

In Business Studies and Economics support sessions are available or may be suggested to students. These are available on Tuesday and Thursday lunchtimes and may allow the students the opportunity to work with members of the Sixth Form. In addition Sixth Form students may work with experienced students in non-assembly time.

In all year groups, we seek to extend and challenge our most able students within lessons and inspire them to go beyond this in their own individual work and reading. Specific suggestions for additional challenge such as books that go beyond the specification, documentaries and other relevant sources are given out as appropriate.

Throughout the year a number of activities are made available to students and these include the Young Enterprise Company Programme for members of Year 12 (including those who do not take Business Studies or Economics) and the ifs Investor Challenge.

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