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Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School Horncastle

Y8 Students learning to fly in the style of Frantic AssemblyY12 Students in Birthday by Joe Penhall
Year 8 Students learning to fly in the style of Frantic AssemblyY12 Students in Birthday by Joe Penhall

Drama is currently taught as a discreet subject in Key Stage 3.  Students can opt for GCSE Drama in Years 10 and 11 and can go on to study Drama at A level.

In KS3 students create drama from a range of starting points; poems, pictures, news articles. They work in groups to explore a range of themes and issues in role. Students devise their own dramatic performances and prepare performances of selected extracts from a range of published plays. Students develop the skills required to evaluate their own drama work and the work of others.

In KS4 students study and prepare performances of a range of published plays, as well as devise their own pieces individually and in groups.  They also develop their writing skills as reviewers of live theatre.

In KS5 students study a range of plays in greater depth and with greater emphasis of the cultural, social and historical contexts. The work of significant twentieth century theatre practitioners is studied and applied to the students’ own creative work. Students take part in three performance projects and finish with a response to live theatre and the study of a historically significant play from the point of view of a director.

In Drama, mentoring and support sessions are offered to students in Y11 preparing for their performance examination. Following the mock examination staff and sixth form students’ work with GCSE candidates to hone performance skills, in readiness for the performance for the visiting examiner.  Additional resources and one to one support is also arranged as needed.

In all year groups, we seek to extend and challenge our most able students, in lessons and beyond. Students can accept the challenge of a role in the school production or take part in weekly drama clubs.

The department encourages students to experience a wide range of live theatre in school, at venues in Lincolnshire and beyond.