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Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School Horncastle

Art is taught by

  • Miss K Dickens - Head of Art
  • Miss K Brinsley - Teacher of Art
  • Mrs R Peek  - Teaching Assistant

The beginning of Key Stage 3 is the time to set the scene for further development. Projects are designed to encourage pupils to develop as individuals whilst experiencing projects that involve exploring the formal elements of Art.

Year 7 is vital for developing the skills and attitudes towards Art and Design that results in the creation of informed skilled work later school life. 

Year 8 is time to move on to more complex understandings and experience of Art and Design. Projects focus more on the work of other artists and craftpersons whilst maintaining an emphasis on the individual pupil's ideas and aspirations. Projects include portraiture studies and exploration of media and techniques.

Year 9 is the final year of Art education for the majority of our pupils and the time to enrich and extend experience and understanding. Pupils undertake a wide variety of techniques and subject matters with more emphasis on independent responses to set tasks in order to prepare potential GCSE students for study. Projects run as small GCSE projects, enabling students to gain an understanding of how to manage time and produce a body of work using artist studies to influence final outcomes.

GCSE Art and Design Year 10 and 11.

The course is split into 3 projects these straddle the two years of GCSE study. The first project begins in September the second in June and together these are worth 60% of the students overall GCSE grade. Students are introduced to the coursework by creating individual outcomes based around the work of chosen artists. They then take the project in their own direction under the supporting eye of the Art staff. Students will hand this project in at the end of the academic year, the Art staff will then comprehensively mark this project ready for the students return in September of their second GCSE year. Students will then use the time between September and December to make amendments to their work. This project will then be internally marked by the Art staff and in May externally moderated by AQA.

Students will receive their exam paper in January; this will contain ‘Externally Set’ themes. Students must individually choose and work through a theme using artist influences to guide their project and will through exploration of mediums arrive at a final outcome which will be produced during a two day (10 hour) examination. This project is worth 40% of their overall grade and will be internally marked by the Art staff and externally moderated by AQA. 

The Art department is open Thursday lunchtime to all students. Extra support is offered at this time. We also hold Art club for KS3 students on a Monday lunchtime, where the Art staff deliver workshops to boost skill level.

In all year groups, we seek to extend and challenge our most able students, in lessons and beyond. We encourage students to develop their skills in more challenging media and by extending their critical thinking and analysis of artists and artwork. 

We hope to take Year 10 and 11 students on a gallery visit to London; we will assess which shows are most relevant and suitable for our students at the beginning of the academic year. Year 8 and 9 will have the opportunity to experience the Yorkshire Sculpture Park. Here they will create sculptures in the landscape on a walk, talk and create tour of the park. We also hope to engage with Lincoln University and take selected GCSE and A level students across to experience workshops in Architecture and Photography.