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Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School Horncastle

For over four centuries, Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School has served the town of Horncastle and the surrounding countryside.

The old Grammar School on the south side of the churchyard. The northern section was built in 1778; the classroom to the south in 1855.

The school is known to have been in existence in 1327 but records effectively began when Queen Elizabeth I granted, on the petition of Edward, Lord Clinton and Saye, Earl of Lincoln, a Charter to establish a Grammar School in Horncastle. It received its seal on 25th June, 1571, and that Charter is in proud possession of the present Governors. Originally, the school was built on a site adjoining the River Bain close to St Mary’s Parish Church. It was demolished and rebuilt after the Civil War but there it remained until the first decade of the 20th Century. In 1908 the current Dining Hall was the original building on this site.

Expansion and Change

For much of its life, Queen Elizabeth’s was a boys’ day and boarding school. Girls were only admitted when the school moved to its present site in 1908. Over the past one hundred years, the story has been one of expansion, with land and further buildings being added as the number on roll has increased. Queen Elizabeth’s was independent until the Education Act of 1944, at which time the Local Authority took over responsibility for its maintenance. 

Programme - Opening New School 1909  Programme - Opening New School 1909 Periods of Building Plan 1908-9, 1937, 1960s  

Science College

In September 2003, the school became a specialist Science College, working with our partner school, Banovallum. The aim has been to establish Horncastle as a “Centre for Excellence” for science education, without diminishing the importance of the school’s other activities. Additional resources have been made available to promote high standards in the sciences, mathematics and in the use of information technology.

Partnership Working

In 2012, the school converted to an academy and then subsequently formed an Umbrella Trust, working collaboratively with The Banovallum School to enhance the educational experience of all students in Horncastle, across all areas of school life.

Building upon partnership working, in 2018 Queen Elizabeth’s became one of the four founding members of the Horncastle Education Trust. The Trust comprises four local schools; Banovallum School, Frithville Primary School, New York Primary School and Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School.  It was formed from a genuine desire to work more closely together, following the success of existing partnership work between the schools, creating an inclusive and supportive learning environment to enable all learners to fulfil their potential.