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Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School Horncastle

Student Council

The Student Council gives students an opportunity to voice their form’s opinions about how the school community is run.

Priorities for the Student Council is helping the community through charity work, making QEGS eco-friendly (such as cutting down on plastic), non-uniform days and making the school a better place for the students.

Each September we elect new student council representatives, here are the details for 2021-22.

Form Student Representative
7J Ben Aiken
7M George Sanderson
7B Oscar Espin
7F Kaitlin Horton
8L Harrison Smalley
8W Kai Chance
8D Emily Bowman
8Q Henry Vear
9D Dominic Holmes
9A Matthew Johnson
9SR Flynn Bergens
9F  Rowan James
10C  Charlotte White
10P  William Carr
10W  Archie Qualtrough
10CR  Hope McIlwrick
11C Anne Thomas Robinson
11L Anu Thota
11H Aleyshia Pycock
11AW  Freya Basham
Sixth Form Chairperson Olivia Flanagan


Environmental – the Student Council contacted local companies and organised donations of reusable water bottles to be used in school to replace single-use or plastic bottles.

Charity – the Student Council planned, organised and ran several charity events, raising money for important causes.

Internal – the Student Council provided constructive feedback on Sports Day and improved the event as a result.

Why Join?

    • Develop your leadership skills.
    • Develop your confidence.
    • Add to your CV.
    • Make a difference.
    • Try new things – step out of your comfort zone.

We are always on the lookout for students to take a leading role in improving the school. To join the Student Council, offer feedback or ask a question please get in touch via your form representative or speak to Mr Dunn.