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Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School Horncastle


The mathematics department is one of the largest in the school due to the popularity of the subject, lessons are varied and content can contain an ICT element – meet the teachers.

Homework is set using a variety of methods, but the one most commonly used is via DrFrostMaths and all students are closely monitored and given additional support where needed. There is a dedicated maths workshop in school for GCSE and A-Level students to support their revision. Students in Years 7-8 can choose to enter the UK Junior Maths Challenge, Years 9-11 can enter into the Intermediate Challenge and students in Years 12-13 can enter the Senior Challenge, with many students regularly progressing to the Olympiad or the European Kangaroo. The department supports all the team maths challenges and enters teams into the Junior, Intermediate and Senior Team UK team challenges with regular successes.

Teachers regularly make use of resources such as Nrich, Resourceaholic and Don Steward within their teaching, challenging pupils to think beyond the syllabus and improve their mathematical reasoning. We have also taken students to STEM events run by RAF Cranwell. These events have seen our students using their Mathematical skills to solve real-life problems that the armed forces encounter every day.

Extra resources are available for GCSE homework and study, and for A-Level study via Study Well, Dr Frost and 3blue1brown. Other resources include Corbettmaths, Mr Barton Maths and the A Level text book.