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Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School Horncastle

School Development Plan

Every year the Senior Leadership Team prepares a plan that brings together all the priorities for the coming academic year.

The plan is called the School Development Plan (SDP) and it is put forward to the Local Governing Body, then the Board of Trustees for approval each year.

Our priorities for 2022-23 are:

Aiming for excellence:

  • There is appropriateness and challenge for each student within a curriculum journey that is clearly communicated and understood
  • All teaching staff, regardless of career stage or role, are actively engaged in improving their classroom practice to meet the needs of all students.
  • There is consistent and accurate assessment of students’ academic and pastoral progress embedded across all subjects and key stages.
  • Behaviour expectations are communicated with and understood by students, and are consistently and effectively managed by staff. Systems are in place to monitor behaviour and ensure appropriate steps are promptly taken to improve instances of poor behaviour.
  • Attendance across each year group is improved, with a reduction in the number of persistent absentees.


Flourish and succeed:

  • An ethos that encourages everyone to develop their understanding of mental health and wellbeing issues is evident across the school.
  • Increase students' participation in enrichment activities which extend beyond the taught curriculum.
  • Refine the delivery model of PSHE/RSE with an emphasis ensuring lesson time is used effectively to ensure students’ understanding of the learning objectives.
  • Students are supported to ensure a successful transition into Sixth Form studies.


Leading the learning:

  • Shorter lines of accountability and support are in place and applied consistently for all leadership roles across the school.


Passionate about people:

  • Identify and address issues where high levels of staff workload result in a low impact on student progress.


Simply civic:

  • Development of the outdoor space provides a safe and purposeful environment for students
  • Ensure the school communicates with all stakeholders regularly, frequently and shares appropriate information.