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Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School Horncastle

School Development Plan

Every year the Senior Leadership Team prepares a plan that brings together all the priorities for the coming academic year.

The plan is called the School Development Plan (SDP) and it is put forward to the Local Governing Body, then the Board of Trustees for approval each year.

Our three priorities for 2021-22 are:

Standards:  Ensure that school provision is planned and implemented to meet the needs of all students following disruption due to the pandemic:

  • Ensure the school curriculum is designed, planned and delivered coherently, carefully sequenced and suitably challenging for students in their acquisition of knowledge and skills.
  • Ensure a whole school strategy is in place to allow students to build on their learning undertaken during the pandemic.
  • Develop a coherent plan to ensure that all students are supported and ready for the next stage in their lives. 

Leadership:  Strengthen and enhance the professional practice of the school's workforce to ensure success is sustained:

  • Support staff and governors to fulfil their roles through access to appropriate professional development and effective and impactful use of working time.
  • Support each staff member and governor so that they can confidently apply consistently high levels of professional practice in their chosen role.

Community:  Embed the school's contribution to the wider community through innovative partnerships and facilitating collaborative networks:

  • Contribute to and implement the development plans of HET
  • Ensure the school's resources best serve the students and local community.