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Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School Horncastle

Y10 Enterprise Day - My Perfect University

On Thursday 15th July 2021 we welcomed The Inspirational Learning Group to QEGS as part of our careers programme. A group of Year 10 students took part in the “My Perfect University” challenge, working in teams to develop a brand-new university whilst building their teamwork, communication and time management skills. Team leaders directed their groups through a series of activities which saw them considering the subjects that their university would offer and deciding what facilities would be available for students on campus. The day provided students with the opportunity to discuss any misconceptions they might have about university and to raise their future aspirations by exploring university life. Mrs Bourn, Head of Y10, joined the delivery team for the final session, which saw “Palace University” being crowned the winning team.

We are grateful to LincHigher for funding this opportunity which will be followed up in September with information and support for post-16 options as well as 1-1 guidance for Year 11 students with Complete Careers.

Mrs Holmes, Careers LeaderY10