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Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School Horncastle

Women's FA Cup Final Trip - 2023-05

The day started very early at 645am, arriving at school. We set off after a thorough register, although tired everyone was very excited, the bus journey was filled with laughter and singing.
We arrived at services, some of us eating a McDonald’s for breakfast while others went looking in the different shops.

We got back on the bus heading for Wembley, the excitement was definitely building.

As we finally arrived we got off the bus, the majority of us walked down the famous 'Wembley Way', where we were very surprised to see the famous comedian Katherine Ryan who was recording something for Sky News, we took many photos with her which added to our excitement.

Finally, we went inside the stadium and after already having a super time. We were quite early so we sat in our seats taking in the amazing sites of the pitch and soaking in the atmosphere. Before kick-off Prince William took to the pitch: we all stood to sing the national anthem. The match kicked off and the atmosphere was high.

Man United had a great start with a goal which was ruled off-side, the crowd was really cheering, so were we. After half time Chelsea scored which won them the game. We stayed and watched as the Chelsea women lifted the trophy what an amazing site and sound as the crowd cheered and sang.
Even though the team some of us wanted to win didn’t we had an amazing time, it was a fantastic experience we won’t forget. This was a great day for women’s football and for us getting to be a part of it.
We all headed home still excited but definitely a little tired, we were all ready to tell our parents about our day and ready for our beds.

Thanks to Fleur Fawcett in the Lower 6th, who organised the whole thing!