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Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School Horncastle


The Jobson Library has an extensive collection of over 13,000 titles for students – from over 7,000 fiction books compiled of all the latest releases to encourage reading for pleasure to more than 6,000 non-fiction books to aid academic study.

There is also a collection of foreign language DVDs, six computers and software disks. The library is open throughout the school day and is managed by our friendly librarians. 

Reading Lists

Our reading lists are available at Love Reading 4 Schools and all the books are available to purchase at a discount – you will be asked to create a free account before being directed to the Queen Elizabeth Grammar School’s book page.

For every £100 accumulatively spent by parents of our school we receive a £5 voucher to purchase more books for our school library.


All students automatically become library members and are entitled to borrow two books for a two-week period, as well as textbooks assigned to the curriculum. All borrowed books are the responsibility of each individual student and should be returned undamaged to the library in a timely manner to avoid incurring fines.


Students check books out of the library using a fingerprint recognition system – a fingerprint is taken but the image is not stored. The computer software calculates a number from the image, and it is this number that is stored. Student and parental consent are obtained on joining the school.