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A Level Art and Design is a two year linear course which culminates in a 15 hour examination at the end of the two year course.

This subject encourages an individual and independent approach. Art and Design remains a very popular option at A Level.


First Year

Students develop ideas and findings based on an area of individual investigation. The Personal investigation allows students to consolidate and develop practical concerns whilst demanding focused and substantial responses to the work of others. The investigation can be based on a topic of their choice and will take the form of a written essay supported by a body of practical work. The year ends with an internally set Controlled Assignment to create a final outcome for their Personal Investigation.

Second Year

Students will spend the beginning of the year until February making improvement based on feedback to their portfolio of work. They will also expand on their skills and contextual knowledge through weekly workshops. From February students will be given their Controlled Assignment examination papers. They will investigate a title of their choice from the paper selection through artist studies and experimentation with media ready for May when they will sit their examination for the A Level course.


First Year - students will be internally assessed by creating an outcome for their Personal Investigation in a 10 hour examination. This will be assessed by the teachers in the department and awarded a grade.

Second Year - the completed Personal Investigation will be externally moderated and this will be worth 60% of the overall A Level Grade.

The Controlled Assignment will be externally moderated and this will be worth 40% of the overall A Level Grade.


Many students gain entry to Art and Design courses in Further and Higher Education institutions and hope to have successful careers in one of the 2.9 million creative industry jobs in the UK.


In order to study A Level Art and Design/Photography you must have obtained at least a grade 6 in Art/Photography at GCSE.

If you have any questions regarding A level Art /Photography courses please contact Miss Dickens, Head of Art.