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This course focuses on all aspects of music including performance, listening and appraising skills, analysis of major works and composition.  You will develop your skills in all these areas, meeting new topics and revisiting familiar topics in greater detail.


The A level course consists of three components. 

Component 1: Appraising Music- the study of western classical tradition (1650-1910), pop music and music for theatre, doing in-depth analysis of specific set works and developing a general understanding of their context and characteristics.

Component 2: Performance– preparation and performance of a 10 minute recital on your chosen instrument as a soloist and/or ensemble player

Component 3: Composition– 2 compositions, one to a brief and the other at the choice of the student


Component 1 is assessed through an exam (listening questions, written analysis questions and an essay) and is worth 40%.

Component 2 is assessed externally, marked through the recording of your recital.  It is worth 35%.

Component 3 is externally marked coursework worth 25%.


All students must have an instrumental tutor in order to prepare thoroughly for the performance recital.  It is strongly recommended that you have grade 5 theory because the analytical and harmony work requires a high level of understanding and fluent reading of staff notation in all clefs.  There are a wide range of extracurricular activities on offer and students are expected to take advantage of these opportunities.  All students will be in the choir.


Music can be studied in Higher Education either at a music college or university.  Staff are happy to give advice on which to choose as courses in the UK range vastly, focusing on many different aspects of music, such as performance, technology and analysis.  Our careers board in the music department is a useful starting point.


In order to study A level Music you should have taken GCSE Music and obtained at least a grade 6.  If you have not taken GCSE Music you must be able to prove your ability equivalent to grade 5 theory.

If you have any questions regarding the A Level Music course please speak to Mrs Addis or Mrs Brown.