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Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School Horncastle

On Friday 24th September, our Upper 6th Geographers attended the annual 6th Form Conference at Lincoln University. Students listened to a number of lectures to support their A Level studies, covering topics from both their Physical and Human Geography courses, plus an overview on how to conduct independent investigations. The event was organised by Professor Edward Hanna and Dr Theresa Mercer from the University and the Lincoln Geographical Association.

Once the conference ended, students spent the remainder of the afternoon visiting locations in Lincoln which had previously been covered via 'virtual fieldwork' when restrictions on fieldtrips were in place.

Pictured are some of our students outside the Dean's Green at Lincoln Cathedral, site of the new visitors' centre.

Y13 Geographers - Annual Sixth Form Geography Conference at Lincoln University and Lincoln Fieldwork
Y13 Geographers - Annual Sixth Form Geography Conference at Lincoln University and Lincoln Fieldwork

On the 20th of July 2021, the school’s annual sports day was conducted on our field. Despite the sweltering heat, it was a day for pupils, and teachers, to relax from the enervating school work, distract themselves from COVID pressures and for everyone to get active. All the students took part in events from fielding to track. Each student contributed their strengths in each event to gather the most points for their forms, even nonathletic students joined in rather enthusiastically.

Throughout the morning, those who were competing in fields events went out to their appointed areas ready to defy the odds and acquire points for a glorious win. The performance on that day was very impressive and several records were broken.

The Long Jump record, previously held by M.Bennett at 4.32m in 2013, was broken by Chloe Fields in year 7 at 4.60m and Jess Frick, in year 8, at 4.70m. Another record broken was the Year 8 boys  Triple Jump by Saul Hopper with a length of 10.44m, previously set by Mr Randman, during his time as a Year 8 student, with a jump of 9.95m. Other records were set in the shot putt, set by H.McCartney in 2017 at 10.29m, broken by Konrad Kupiz in Year 10 while Aleyshia Pycock in Year 10 by 21.65m broke the 2006 record of 19.8m by G.Lewis.


As the sports-filled day progressed to the afternoon, so did the tension. The years 7s  to 10s  gathered on the field to start the track events, with some Year 11 volunteers. Regardless of the weather, everyone was primed for the first race and to cheer on fellow students in their designated form areas. Some would say the merriment of the students could be heard from Tokyo. Two competitors were chosen for the boys 400m, girls 300m, 200m, 100m, girls’ relay and boys’ relay. This year an extra race was added that had never been done before, the mixed relay. The mixed relay was comprised of two boys and two girls that were not partaking in any other relays. In each year the forms with the fastest time were 7B with a time of 1minute and 6 seconds, 8HF at 1minute 1 second, 9P with 59.30 seconds and 10C with 58.12 seconds.


As the exhilarated day, full of laughter, sweat and tears, came to a close, the points were added up and results were in.

Year 7, 7M won with a total of 198

Year 8, 8A won with a total of 176

Year 9, 9CR won with a total of 194

Year 10, 10H won with a total of 186

This sports day is a day that can not be forgotten as it gave everyone a chance to experience regularity and for the school to come together as one, again.

Special mentions have to go to the following students, who were recognised as the outstanding performers in their respective year groups due to their success in both track and field events across the day.



Events/ Positions

Points achieved for their form

Chloe Fields


Long Jump – 1st 300m – 1st  200m – 1st


Henry Vear


Discuss – 1st 400m – 1st 100m – 1st


Jess Frick


Long Jump – 1st  200m – 1st  Triple Jump – 1st


Saul Hopper


Triple Jump – 1st Long Jump – 2nd 100m – 1st


Alex Dunkley


Long Jump -2nd Triple Jump -1st 200m – 2nd

400m – 1st


Holly Giles


Shot Putt – 2nd 300m – 1st  200m – 3rd


Emma Eastham


Long Jump – 1st Triple Jump – 1st  200m – 1st  100m – 2nd


Dilian Jaggernauth


100m – 2nd  200m – 1st Triple Jump – 2nd  Long Jump – 4th


Written by Yemisi Akande 9P

Mr Randman alongside Saul Hopper at QEGS 2021 Sports Day

'Yesterday (20th June) saw the QEGS school sports day. One of the school records broken was the Y8 boys Triple Jump. Pictured are Saul Hopper who broke the record with a jump of 10.44m and Mr Randman who had previously held the record from his days as a Y8 QEGS student back in 1994.'