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Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School Horncastle

Charter TSA logoCharter is a relatively new teaching school alliance (established June 2017) led by Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School, Horncastle in the county of Lincolnshire.  The alliance is proud to be able to support teaching, learning and leadership across all age ranges in Lincolnshire and beyond. We aim to bring together the broad range of expertise, experience, talent and capacity from all our partnership schools and strategic partners to provide excellent services in the region.  Through support and collaboration our aim is to make a significant contribution to raising standards in schools, leading to excellent outcomes for all children in the region.

Charter Teaching School Alliance believes that engaging in an outward looking approach supports improved outcomes for all our pupils.  This is best achieved by working closely with schools and strategic partners providing services to meet the needs of schools in many different ways.

Charter Teaching School Alliance is delighted to be working in partnership with other local teaching school alliances.

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