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Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School Horncastle

The Biology Department consists of two full-time teachers who are both biology specialists. They teach all students in the Years 8 to 11, building upon the skills taught in Science in Y7.

Years 8 to 9 follow the new National Curriculum for Key Stage 3 with the "Measuring scientifically" elements embedded within the course.

At Key stage 4, three sets study the AQA Biology GCSE course and one set takes the GCSE Trilogy route. This means that all pupils will sit their examination papers at the end of Y11.

Approximately fifty students per year opt to study biology in the Sixth Form. We would encourage the combination of this A level with chemistry and/or maths due to new biochemical and mathematical demands of the course.

To ensure that each student is fully supported in their time at QEGs, we offer a weekly lunchtime “Biology Clinic” for years 7-11. From October each year we also hold lunchtime support sessions specifically for KS5 students. Sixth form “Biology Mentors” also provide help for KS3 and KS4 students when required.

Within the classroom setting, the more able students are challenged on a lesson by lesson basis. This may involve being set different tasks or extension tasks being given after initial activities are completed.

Able students are advised to read scientific journals as found in the library and in the biology laboratories.

Annually, twenty- five Y10 pupils take part in the Biology Challenge Competition and high achievers in the sixth form take the Intermediate and Senior British Biology Olympiad examinations, as run by the Royal Society for Biology.  Such competitions encourage QEGs biologists to think beyond the specification, thus improving their biological knowledge.  Our students are also encouraged to participate in national biological surveys and attend university public lectures.