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Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School Horncastle

Head of Modern Languages Faculty is Mr A Dunn.

Students are taught French and German in Year 7 and Year 8 at QEGS.

After Year 8, Spanish is also taught, and all students select two languages (from the options of French, German, Spanish) to study in Year 9. Spanish is taught ab inicio.

All students then select at least one of the languages learned in Year 9 to continue for GCSE, fulfilling the criteria of the English Baccalaureate. The most able students are encouraged to be dual linguists.

In the Sixth Form, all three subjects continue to be offered as part of a 2 year A Level programme of study.

We run trips to France, Germany and Spain, and offer many opportunities for students to broaden their cultural awareness.

Trips, Exchanges and Extra-Curricular

The MFL Faculty is committed to an enrichment programme. Over the past few years we have run a variety of language clubs, including Latin, Mandarin Chinese and Japanese. There is also a Spanish club for KS3 students. The Foreign Language Leadership Programme is open to Year 10 students. All languages students are given the opportunity to subscribe to magazines in the foreign language at their level to develop their reading skills and the Faculty subscribes to websites such as Linguascope which students can access both in school and at home. The Faculty has built up a stock of films in French, German and Spanish which are available in the school library.

In Year 7, the Normandy Trip takes place towards the end of May each year. From Year 9 onwards, all students are offered the opportunity to participate in either the French Exchange or the German Exchange, both of which run every year. During the course of their time here, many students elect to do both, particularly where they are studying two or more languages at GCSE. A Spanish Trip to either Madrid or Barcelona is organised for GCSE and A level students, often in conjunction with another department.

Close links have been forged with several of our feeder primary schools. Since July 2007 we have run our  “Hungry Caterpillar Day”. Over two days, 130 Year 5 pupils from our feeder schools attend a day dedicated to the story of “The Hungry Caterpillar”, which uses vocabulary of food, numbers, days of the week and colours. The feedback from this event has been extremely positive and has meant we repeat the event every year.