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Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School Horncastle

The Religious Studies department teaches a broad and balanced curriculum based on the Lincolnshire Agreed Syllabus. We teach all students from Year 7 to Year 11 and have a significant cohort of sixth form students pursuing AS and A2 studies.

At KS3, we aim to learn about a wide range of religious beliefs and practices, drawing inspiration and examples from faith and non-faith traditions. At KS4, students may opt to study for the AQA GCSE Religious Studies, focusing on a more detailed approach to both Christianity and Islam and issues connected to them. All KS4 students also attend one lesson per week as part of our ‘Wellbeing’ programme, exploring moral, social, spiritual, cultural and ethical issues that may affect young people now, and in the future.

At KS5, students currently work towards the OCR AS or A2 Religious Studies qualification. Here, students are engaged in a study of the Philosophy of Religion, Religious Ethics and Hinduism, all of which provide excellent opportunities for both personal and academic challenge.

Throughout the year, students are offered opportunities to enrich their learning through a variety of visits and visitors. For example, Year 7 may visit the local church to study key features of the building; Year 10 may visit a site of Christian pilgrimage in Walsingham or a mosque in Leicester; sixth form students may attend lectures in Cambridge from prominent philosophers and ethicists. Students may also have the opportunity to listen to and ask questions of carefully-selected visitors to the classroom from a range of faith traditions and backgrounds.

In all year groups, we seek to extend and challenge our most able students within lessons and inspire them to go beyond this in their own individual work and reading. Specific suggestions for additional challenge (additional reading, relevant films, places to visit etc.) can also be found on display in the main RS teaching room.

In Religious Studies , mentoring  and support sessions may be offered to GCSE RS students, particularly those in Year 11. These are usually co-ordinated and led by sixth form students who have performed highly at GCSE.

Lincolnshire Agreed Syllabus 2012: 

AQA GCSE Religious Studies A specification: AQA GCSE Religious Studies A specification

OCR AS/A2 Religious Studies specification: OCR AS/A2 Religious Studies specification

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