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Abi Burford's (L6H) amazing drawing of her horse

It’s been tough, but the results are in. 40 entries in total, from students in Years 7, 8, 9, 10, and 12. There were entries in all but one category, and some were more popular than others. No-one tackled the ‘moving things by vacuum cleaner’. Sad. But, what was entered was fab. RACHEL QUARTON (8P) wins a prize for most entries, with 3, and here are the rest.

In the writing challenge, Miss Hobbs had to decide between very strong entries, and declared JESS DODWELL (9H) the winner – it contained the word ‘unequivocally’; what more can be said!? There was close competition in the toilet-roll keepy-uppy challenge to keep Mr Cope on his toes: the winner was ARCHIE CARDER (8W), who managed 10. Loads of pet-trick entries, from rabbits to horses, but the shortest, and simplest, and the winner, was ELIZABETH KIRBY (10DF), who managed to get a cat to obey a command – surely one of the most difficult tasks known to humanity. The pencil-drawing competition was keen, too: Miss Brinsley judged these entries, and it was great to see that some drew upon the theme of friendship as the thing that was most missed during lockdown. ABI BURFORD’S (L6H) amazing drawing of her horse was judged the best, but only after some lengthy agonizing and deliberations. There were some quirky entries in the ‘demonstrate a scientific theory’ category, including a creation of a tan/sin/cos graph out of pasta, but the winner was JACOB SOWDEN (8CR), whose proof of rocket power went off with an, ahem, bang.

The sporting trick category was where much skill was demonstrated, from gymnastics to cricket. But, for sheer potential-to-go-wrong danger, the winner was BEN TURNER (7F), with a daring display using what was described as a ‘6-foot bo-stick’. How no-one lost body parts remains a mystery. In a similar vein, we come to the home-made obstacle course. This was definitely the most creative task and involved a range of apparatus, from wheelbarrows to washing lines, one student undertaking the task on her hands, and one father channelling his best John Motson. Yet, for sheer daftness, and the fact that it involved a bucket of water being thrown over her head, the winner was MADELEINE DAWSON (8W). The entries for the stop-start animation were of a real quality, using Lego or home-made drawings, and the one that stood out as being closest to meeting the criteria was made by GRACE TWILTON (7MS). That leaves the magic trick. Three entries; minds blown. One involved a playing card simply appearing out of nowhere, but the winner was WOODY PRESTON (7B) – who performed a coin trick called the Matrix.

So, that’s the lot. Well done to all the winners, and to : Ava Chinery, Amelie Thorpe, Morgan Dickeson, Maggie Ward, Scott Read, Lily Alexander, Yasmin Barsby, Amelie Millns, Lila Bremner, Will Dixon, Ed Dixon, Jasmine Bontoft, Aleesha Ashgar, Harry Brindle, James West, Andrew Short, Verity Street, and Lucy Parkinson – who all drew/wrote/made things to enter as well. Special thanks to the Parents’ Association, who supported the venture and sponsored the prizes.