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This subject encourages students to take a broad view of design engineering with a focus towards electronics, engineered products and systems and their analysis in respect of:

  • Materials and components and their selection and uses in products/systems

  • Wider issues affecting design decisions.

You will gain practical experience of using materials, components and systems set within realistic design scenarios.


This is a two year course with three main study units.

Unit 1: Principles of Design Engineering.  You will analyse existing products and demonstrate technical knowledge, showing an understanding of wider issues that impact on manufacturing industries.

Unit 2: You will apply your knowledge and skills to an engineering challenge.

Unit 3: Design and make engineering project.



Unit 1: 1hr 30 min written paper (25% of A level)

Unit 2: 2hr 30 mins design/written paper (25% of A level)

Unit 3: Coursework project (50% of A level)



The course has been designed to encourage you to take a broad view of technology and engineering.  It also helps you to participate in, think about and intervene to improve the quality of tomorrow’s rapidly changing technologies.  The course will provide you with the opportunity to apply mathematical and scientific concepts to practical activities while producing solutions to engineering based problems.


The course will allow you to take any number of exciting career paths.  It could lead you into engineering or technology based courses in Higher Education.  The course combines well with Physics, Mathematics or Chemistry or you may just want to develop your knowledge in this area of study.



In order to study A level Design Engineering you will need to have gained a  grade 6 in any GCSE Design Technology subject or equivalent course in Engineering.

If you have any questions regarding this course please see Miss Hebden.