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Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School Horncastle

Every year the Senior Leadership Team prepares a plan that brings together all the priorities for the coming academic year.  The plan is called the School Development Plan (SDP) and it is put forward to the Governing Body for approval each year.  This is the approved plan for 2017-18 which we report on three times a year to the Governing Body who ensure that we stay on track; we have identified three priorities:

  • The first priority is about the standards students achieve at our school.  We are continuing to work towards securing consistently high standards of attainment in every area of the curriculum and in each key stage.  We are going to do this in a range of different ways such as focussing on high standards of leadership for learning, classroom practice and behaviour for learning. A key element of our plan is around consistency of expectation in relation to behaviour for learning.  In addition we want to include more stretch and challenge for each learner in lessons as well as continuing with the work started last year with a project called Mobilise which is concerned with exploring the most effective ways to use Teaching Assistants.  We have also introduced a standard method for presenting written work in order to be more consistent in our expectations across the school. Finally under this section, we are entering the second year of our Pastoral Review which is considering the current system of student support and looking at how it can be strengthened.

  • The second area we want to focus on is leadership and management and to blend our desire to embrace new initiatives with the continued pressing need to reduce running costs and increase income.  Like all businesses, we are having to grapple with the new General Data Protection Regulations which will come into force in May 2018.  Linking to the Pastoral Review, we are aiming to place well-being, for staff and students, at the heart of the work of the school.  A key ambition is to develop a single portal through which students can access a range of sources of support.  At the same time we are trying to reduce further our running costs whilst exploring a range of different ways to generate income.  We intend to support and develop the capacity of some of our newly appointed leaders as well as organising a conference for our Governors which will explore future developments for the school.  Finally in this section, we are looking at capitalising upon leadership capacity at every level and will be introducing a new Associate Prefect role for Y11 students.

  • The third priority captures the contribution we intend to make to our wider community through partnership working and outreach.  The work we undertake with Banovallum School is vital and we are continuing to plan and implement several flagship projects that benefit all our children; we would very much like to continue with the Saturday Revision Sessions.  We also want to sustain as much as possible of our outreach work with local schools and continue to provide an Adult Education programme.  The ambition to have both secondary schools and the primary school working together, remains important and Governors want to continue to explore ways to cement those partnerships.  Finally, as a newly designated Teaching School, we have much to plan and then to implement with our partner schools over the coming months.