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Parent Info | from CEOP and The Parent Zone
  1. Tinder is one of the most popular dating apps out there. Here's what parents need to know

    Teens on Tinder
  2. Self-harm: expert advice on how to help you and your child through this difficult and emotional time

  3. It’s hard to keep pace with our children’s digital lives. It’s next to impossible to know what they are being exposed to by friends, the media, and the internet – and when. But there is something you can do that will help safeguard your children. Something that will support their mental health and, in the process, strengthen your connection to them. You can involve yourself in your children’s sex education. You can start the conversation.

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  4. Get your copy of the 'Uniquely Me' parent guide for more advice on how to boost children's self-esteem and body confidence.

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  5. Top tips on how to help your child make their online presence work for them and create a positive digital footprint

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