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Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School Horncastle

The winners of the 10 draws, for the 200 club will be displayed here.


First Lisa Willey co Katie 10B

Second Helen Tittershill co Ryan 11M

Third Ellie Hextall co Alice L6H

Fourth Elizabeth Myers co Charlie Alcock 11C

Drawn by Mrs Barron


First Nicky Christofi c/o Callum in 7S

Second Helen Pavey c/o Olivia Pavey-Roth 10RS

third Tom Roberton c/o Lucy 9W

Fourth Nicola Bradley c/o Connor 9W

Drawn by Mrs Barron


First - Sarah Goodall co Edward 7B

Second - Matthew Webb co Daniel L6H

Third - Mrs Kerry Scott co Nicole 9S

Fourth - Kerrie Nicholson co Jamie Wilson 7S


First - Nicola Webb co Daniel Webb L6HH

Second - Robert Pearce co Peter Pearce U6HS

Third - Margaret Dale - co of Ms Dale staff

Fourth - Fiona Whelan - staff

Drawn by Mrs Barron


First - Nicola Carr co William Carr 7B

Second - Mark Campbell co Daniel Campbell 10B

Third - Samantha Pickwell co Joshua Pickwell 9F

Fourth - Christian Vernon co Cater Vernon 9 D


First - Pauline Wilkinson co Amelia Stanley 10SR

Second - Jo Preston co Stanley 9W

Third - Helen Pavey co Olivia Pavey - Roth 10SR

Fourth - Mrs Cathrine Crow co Olivia 7W


First - Sarah Goodall co Edward 7B

Second- Gordon Elias co Freya 8L

Third - Vicky Kingswood co Daniela 9F

Fourth - Mrs Rachel Bourn staff

Drawn by Mrs E Barron


First Mr Saha co Neil 7W

Second Kerrie Nicholson co Jamie Wilson 7S

Third Sheryl Booth co Max 10A

Fourth Mrs Kerry Scott co Nicole Scott 9S

Drawn by Mrs Barron


First Huge Jones co Theo 10SR

Second E L Steadman co David Gatens 7B

Third Roger Burrell co Rebecca Busby 8A

Fourth Jonathan Kerry co Samuel 8L


First Sandra Burgess co Joshua U6H

Second Villon Jaggernauth co Dillan 8H

Third Peter Banks co Isabell Kerr 7J

Fourth Bryan Kerr co Isabell Kerr 7J