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L6 Geography trip to WhitbyL6 Geography trip to Whitby

26 students and 4 staff have recently returned from a three day trip to North Yorkshire, as part of their A Level studies. The trip aimed to give students an experience of a wide range of fieldwork techniques ahead of their A Level projects, and to investigate the changes being experienced in the town of Whitby.

 The trip included: an investigation into moorland in the National Park, a presentation by Sirius Minerals about the construction of a Polyhalite mine near Whitby, coastal fieldwork at Sandsend and urban fieldwork in Whitby.

 The students stayed at the Youth Hostel in Whitby and as well as enjoying the local fish and chips they also gained an insight into the life of fishing in the latest trawler boats being constructed by Parkol Marine.

 The photos show the students on the beach at Sandsend, with Whitby visible on the horizon, and a group of students photographed on the newly launched 'Fruitful Bough' fishing trawler, at the Parkol Marine Boatyard.

 The range of activities undertaken by students was only made possible by the support of the following organisations and companies: the North York Moors National Park Authority, The Forestry Commission, Sirius Minerals, Whitby Library and Parkol Marine.