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Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School Horncastle

The Design and Technology department consists of  three full-time teachers and two part-time teachers who are supported by two learning support assistants.

Years 7 to 9 students follow the National Curriculum for Key Stage 3. The lessons are wide ranging and include topics from all facets of the subject.

Year 10 and 11 follow courses from the AQA examination board and these include Electronics, Textiles Technology, Product Design and Resistant Materials.

The department is well equipped to provide the courses and has subject specific rooms and a wide range of specialist equipment. 

GCSE & A-level students are chosen to mentor students lower down the school. They give help and advice on cooursework and support STEM activities.


Lower school students are involved in a range of activities that cut across the STEM subjects. This year they have looked at activities such as: the parachute egg drop, renewable energy challenge and more recently the Lincolnshire Show Great Gardening Challenge, where we gained second place.

Product Design Club

Lower school students enhance graphic design skills in a range of different mediums.