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U6 students participating in a Sixth Form German Workshop  U6 students participating in a Sixth Form German Workshop U6 students participating in a Sixth Form German Workshop

On Friday the 17th March a small but select group of U6 students went to Boston Grammar School to participate in a Sixth Form German Workshop on Life in the GDR and Memory Landscapes. Presentations were given on a variety of topics by Dr Anna Saunders of Bangor University and Dr Sara Jones of Birmingham University. They included a whistle stop tour through the rise and fall of the GDR, the history of the Stasi, the portrayal of the GDR in Film and samples of socialist/communist memorials in Berlin. There was also time to discuss some issues in small groups, of course in German. The day was not only informative but also provided food for thought and was enjoyed by all.


Year 7's enjoying the Rhineland Trip

On Tuesday 5th July 2016 at 15 minutes past midnight 39 excited and not at all tired Year 7 students set off for their visit to the Rhineland. We arrived in Dover for the 6.30 ferry and enjoyed a calm crossing. The journey to Boppard passed fairly quickly and we arrived at our hotel at 16.15. After settling in we went for a walk through the quaint town of Boppard down to the Rhine, then had our evening meal and went to bed early.

 Wednesday started with a typical German breakfast and we then drove to the Deutsches Eck in Koblenz to look at the confluence of the rivers Rhine and Moselle. The students had some time to go up the Wilhelm I monument and after a photo shoot we then carried on to the town of Cochem. There the students had free time and a chance to practise their German when buying ice creams and souvenirs before going up to the castle overlooking the Moselle. After a guided tour in English we walked back to the town and the day finished with a relaxing boat trip on the Moselle. The evening was spent watching the football and playing games such as Splat and Wink.

Rhineland Trip

Thursday took us to Cologne where we climbed up the Cathedral Tower and went to the Chocolate Museum. We had two entertaining guides and the chocolate fountain and shop were particularly popular with the students. After lunch we drove back to Boppard to go up the chair lift and enjoy the beautiful views of the river Rhine. We were not the only English school group taking the lift up but we were the only ones walking down the mountain rather than taking a return trip. We then had an early evening meal – Wurst, Krautsalat and Bratkartoffeln - before driving to Koblenz for the bowling.

Friday, the day of our return to Horncastle, meant an early start and we were on the coach ready to depart at 7am. We arrived back at about 9.20 pm.

We had a fantastic few days in the Rhineland – the weather was good, the scenery impressive and the days packed full with activities.The students were a credit to themselves, to their parents and to the school.  My thanks go to all the parents who supported the trip and to my colleagues Mrs Bealby, Mrs Semple, Mr Hogg and Mr Scott who made this trip possible. We were also lucky to have a brilliant coach driver whose taste in music proved very popular with the students.

Mrs Hogg


Zwillinge performed by Onatti Theatre Company

On Friday 26th February our Year 8 and 9 students had the opportunity to see a play in German. The play was called “Zwillinge” and was performed by German actors.

The play was about Annika who needed help with her practical drama exam and Lukas who agreed to practise with her. Lukas has an identical twin brother called Dominik but Annika does not know this.  Dominik, unlike Lukas, is a fantastic actor full of ideas and whenever Lukas was out of the room he stepped in and pretended to be Lukas.  Annika was totally unaware that she was actually rehearsing with two different people, creating confusion and frustration as one minute Lukas was great and enthusiastic and the next he was not interested and silly.

The play encouraged students to get involved and comment on the action and some students even had the chance to go up on stage and participate in the action.

This was the third time the Onatti Theatre Company performed a play in German and again it was very entertaining and amusing and enjoyed by both students and staff alike.


Zwillinge performed by Onatti Theatre Company Zwillinge performed by Onatti Theatre Company Zwillinge performed by Onatti Theatre Company Zwillinge performed by Onatti Theatre Company


QEGS trip to Mellendorf

Once again it was time to head off to Germany for our annual exchange and 34 excited students were ready to depart just after midnight on Thursday 26th November. We arrived in Mellendorf in the late afternoon on Friday and the level of excitement increased as we got closer to our destination. Students spent a day in school with their partners and took part in a variety of trips. We visited the Autostadt in Wolfsburg, went down the Rammelsberg mine near Goslar and visited Goslar’s famous Christmas market in the afternoon. We also went to Bremen where we visited the Science Centre Universum and the local Christmas market. The weekend was spent with families and students had a chance to practise their German and experience German life.

We were lucky to have Mr Bird and Mr Scott with us again who, just like the students, enjoyed the German hospitality and the Christmas markets. The students were a pleasure to be with and we are looking forward to the return visit of the German exchange in April.