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Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School Horncastle

The two year linear AQA A level psychology course begins with a detailed look into human memory and explanative models, mainly from the cognitive approach, while research methods are also taught and evaluated. Students go on to explore a further five approaches to explain human behaviour; namely the behaviourist, biological, social learning theory, psychodynamic and humanistic approaches. The course allows them to apply theories from each approach to explain different types of social influence and how to use theories to treat psychological conditions like depression and phobias. During the second year A level psychology students develop further evaluative skills to critically compare and contrast approaches in terms of various issues and debates that researches must consider, for example the nature versus nurture debate for reasoning behind our thoughts and actions. This topic starts by taking more account of ethics, gender bias and cultural bias. The three application options currently taught are cognition and development, eating behaviour and aggression. The course is taught by two subject specialists; Miss Start and Mrs Whelan.