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GCSE Students carrying out geography coursework at Skegness

GCSE Students carrying out geography coursework at SkegnessOn Wednesday the 13th of September we went to Skegness to start our research for our geography coursework. Our topic was investigating costal management in Skegness. We first went down to the beach to investigate how deposition varied on both sides of a groyne. We used a transect to find results on how the sand, stones and other material were deposited on the beach. We later walked along the promenade looking at, and taking notes on, the sea defences (such as sea walls, beach nourishment and rock armour) as we went by. When we reached the end of the beach we had a chance to buy ice-cream and donuts while interviewing the public on their views about the way Skegness is protected.  On the way to back to school we stopped off at Gibraltar Point to see what the coastline looks like when it is unprotected and to also help our understanding of sand dunes for our exam.


Students interviewing a Storm Trooper



As a part of our GCSE Geography coursework, we went on a field trip to the centre of Lincoln. The aim of our trip was to collect as much data as we could about the CBD (Central Business District). We investigated things such as how many people walked through a specific part of Lincoln, such as Steep Hill, and we asked members of the public to answer a few questions about why they were visiting Lincoln, and how far they travelled to get there. We even got to interview a Stormtrooper! We investigated six different locations in and around Lincolns CBD so that we could compare how the range of shops and number of pedestrians and vehicles differed from place to place.