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World Book Day was a success with the library picnic being lots of fun in between. We also had lots of activities, for example on Tuesday, the treasure hunt and the book character dingbats and then name the teddy bear on Wednesday. We were busy in the weeks before, preparing quizzes and bringing props in for the displays that we had on the World Book Day picnic. Excitement was found in every single pupil on World Book Day. The Library Assistants hope that everyone had a fantastic day and read lots of their favourite books.  Thank you to all the staff and pupils that helped out with preparations.

Thank You

Megan Johnson 7S

World Book Day Winners World Book Day Winner

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This year the library’s world book day activities turned out to be a huge success.  They encouraged children of all ages to read more and even inspired some of the teachers. Even though world book day picnic was an invite only session, all through the week there had been various activities with many prize winners.

I personally found it great fun and interesting, and it even got people who don’t normally use the library involved.  If you came to the picnic you would have seen Hayden in a dress - certainly a sight to see! Overall I thought the world book day extravaganza really was a sociable and fantastic experience for all ages. 

By Hanza Rajput 7S

World Book Day Winner World Book Day Winner World Book Day Winner