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Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School Horncastle

Sports Day Winners 2017

Year 7 Outstanding Female Athlete - Chelsea Tumfour – 1st in Long Jump, 200m and 100m (New record set)
Year 7 Outstanding Male Athlete - Jamie Cull – 1st in 400m, Javelin and Relay
Callum Kiss – 1st in 1500m, 100m and Relay

Year 8 Outstanding Female Athlete - Katie Mankelow – 1st in Long Jump and 100m
Year 8 Outstanding Male Athlete - Tarun Vel – 1st in Triple Jump, Long Jump and Relay

Year 9 Outstanding Female Athlete - Ella Bennett – 1st in 800m, 1500m and Relay
Year 9 Outstanding Male Athlete - Advith Tiruvaluroo – 1st in 100m and 200m

Year 10 Outstanding Female Athlete - Bea Spendlove – 1st in Discus and 1500m, 2nd in 100m and Relay
Year 10 Outstanding Male Athlete - Jonathan Timmins – 1st in 400m (new record) and relay, 2nd in Triple Jump and Shot Put