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Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School Horncastle

Following the league stage of this competition, the top 5 teams met at Skegness for the first of two final rounds.

U15 hockey teamOur first opponents were Skegness Grammar, who we had a narrow loss to in an earlier round. QEGS were determined to win this time. The ball was passed between the two Issies (Williams and Graham) who then passed out to the left wing where Lottie was waiting to receive the ball, we attacked hard. Unfortunately Skegness gained back position and we had to drop back and start defending. A Skegness player managed to get a shot on goal from the top of the D but it was strongly deflected by our goalkeeper Annabel. The ball was then back into our possession and was quickly driven up the right wing by Bea, Lottie then passed into the top of the D where QEGS won a short corner. Isabel injected the ball to Issie who took a shot, unfortunately the ball went off the near post. Skegness were back in possession but not for long, as Catherine our midfielder managed to tackle the ball off Skegness. After several further passes, another opportunity arose which we took advantage of putting QEGS into a 1-0 lead just before half time.

To start the second half, Skegness began attacking strongly but were soon intercepted by Leah who defended well. By this time, our team were playing and  communicating well together. QEGS were now fully in control with some accurate play.  The final whistle blew, a 1-0 victory for us.

After the success of our first game, we started the second match against QEGS Alford with high spirits. QEGS were adopting different tactics in that they played all their players out. We took first push back but Alford quickly intercepted the ball and were attacking hard causing our defence of Bea and Jess to work hard to get the ball out of the D. Catherine and Lottie passed out on the wing but the ball was intercepted and Alford were attacking again. They struck at goal several times before scoring taking Alford to a 1-0 lead. That made us even more  determined to score a goal now. Daisy on the wing was outstanding and dodged around two defenders before squaring the ball to Issie. She received the ball and drove into the D and managed to get a shot on goal, despite falling over the defenders stick, the ball went in bringing the game to a 1-1 draw. The whistle blew to signal the end of the first half.

After a quick team talk, and a revised plan, we knew where Alford’s weaknesses were and how to expose them. We held shape effectively and intercepted their first pass and quickly managed to score a second goal. Alford started again trying to force the pace but with another save by Annabel, we turned defence into attack and scored a third goal. After Alfords push back, we read their game, and were attacking again. In the last couple of minutes, the two Issies worked together passing down the pitch and into the D, and another goal was scored. The final whistle blew and the match finished with a convincing 4-1 win to QEGS Horncastle.