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On Wednesday 18th October Mrs Bealby and her Lower 6th Art and Photography students attended Lincoln University’s ‘Big Draw’ event. The day was split into 3 workshops each focusing on a different area of creative practice.

Session one was spent in the university's photography studio where students experimented with long exposure and light painting. It was a real privilege to be allowed into a working studio and understand how lighting rigs and backdrops can influence the outcome of images.

During session two we were introduced to the university's second year music students who interpreted our large scale music inspired drawings into an improvised performance. Both QEGs students and the music students worked together collaboratively to record their performance which will be used in an Art installation.

In our final session of the day students were given a skills based animation workshop by the university's head animation lecturer. Students learnt how to use animation packages and developed different styles of animation.

Students impressed lecturers with their knowledge of techniques and enthusiasm to learn new skills. Lower 6th students expressed after their visit how they valued the experience they had at the university with many being inspired to try out new techniques learnt in their own personal investigations.

Big Draw Event Big Draw Event Big Draw Event Big Draw Event 

  Big Draw Event Big Draw Event Big Draw Event Big Draw Event   Big Draw Event