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The 20th Anniversary of World Book Day was celebrated at QEGS with a variety of activities throughout the week. Here, some of the Library Assistants involved share their experiences with you.

Monday 27th February - all forms received their WBD £1 book voucher in registration

Monday 27th February - World Book Day Quiz

On Monday, the week of World Book Day, we wrote a quiz based on: books, characters, authors etc. We handed the quizzes out to anyone who walked into the library. People who decided to do the quiz had the whole of their lunchtime to complete the activity; it could have been taken out the library, but it had to be handed in by the end of lunch. There were 10 questions to complete and the questions were about specific books/characters/authors. We gave out the prizes to our quiz winners, who were Iffat Zareen and Lucy Robertson both of 7J, whose prizes were the choice of a book, a packet of crisps and a packet of sweets.

By Sophie Willis and Kate Munnelly 7J

World Book DayWorld Book DayWorld Book Day







Tuesday 28th February - LED whole school assembly

At the beginning of the World Book Day assembly, a song from Matilda (the musical) was played while we entered the hall. This linked to the topic of the assembly and reading as the author of the book which the musical was based on was then mentioned. We were told Roald Dahl wrote several children's classics that the majority of the people in the hall had read. Mrs Divers explained that the link from Matilda to World Book Day, other than the fact that Matilda was a book, is that Matilda is able to escape into a world of her own through reading. She explained that we could all enjoy reading and all use it as a means of enjoyment and should all enjoy the time we spend reading. 

 World Book Day

By Zoe Williams 9C

Tuesday 28th February – Whizztastical Alphabetical Quiz

On 28th of March the Tuesday library assistants wrote a quiz. Grace Pursey came up with an idea, Freya Metcalf thought of the name and Iffat Zareen wrote the quiz. In the quiz participants were asked to write a name of author’s first name or book title for every letter of the alphabet. The winner of the Tuesday quiz was Freya Metcalf and she won “The Last Wild” by Piers Torday.

By Iffat Zareen 7J

World Book Day

Wednesday 1st March – World Book Day Crossword

At the beginning of February two library assistants came up with an idea to do a crossword for World Book Day.  The participants had to find the answers to a series of questions about books, authors and characters.  Lots of people took part in the quiz and had to return it to the library by the end of lunch.  The winner was James Sykes and he won a free book, a packet of crisps and a packet of sweets.  The quiz went really well.

By Mollyann Sabin 7J

World Book Day

Thursday 2nd March - 8SR Junior Assembly (Main Hall)

On Thursday 2nd March it was World Book Day. 8SR had the job of talking about World Book Day to all of year 8 in assembly. We all decided which topic we were going to do in our groups, there was; information about the day, favourite authors, teen fiction and favourite books. Every group talked about their topic very well and everyone seemed to like it. Our form also talked about the ‘£1 off all books voucher’ and about what our school was doing to celebrate the day.

By Amelia Stanley 8SR

 World Book Day

 Thursday 2nd March - Literary Lunch in the World Book Day Diner (Library!)

 On Thursday the 2nd of March the Library held a Literary Lunch in the World Book Day Diner (situated in the Library), two library assistants and two teachers sat at each table. Every table had three books on it; a starter (something small and appetising, for example, a short story or a graphic novel); a main course (a satisfying read, such as a novel) and a dessert (something delicious and fun like a comic book or a book from Cathy Cassidy’s “The Chocolate Box Girls” series). Every group of four or five had a quiz to complete. Prior to the lunch, some staff members had secretly taken a photo of themselves with their favourite book and created the title of their autobiography. The teams had to guess each teachers favourite book and autobiography title for a prize of a free book and a packet of crisps. Towards the end of lunch Dr Gallivan read a short story called the Lucky Handkerchief. I really liked the World Book Day Diner because the atmosphere was cosy and fun.

 By Katherine Hogg 8M

 World Book Day World Book Day

 World Book Day World Book Day

 World Book Day World Book Day

Thursday 2nd March – Staff Quiz

On the 2nd March 2017 there was a literary lunch in the Library which had been turned into a diner for the day. The tables had been moved to resemble a restaurant and set with tablecloths, plastic cutlery and placemats. There was also a quiz about some teachers’ favourite books and what the teacher would call their autobiography if they wrote one.

There were some really hard ones in there for example, we thought that Mr Jackson’s autobiography would be Laptop Superman but he tried to trick us by telling us that we might be surprised, but I didn’t believe him. Mrs Payne was on my table and gave us a few clues as to what her favourite book is.

The quiz winners of the Staff Quiz were Maezie Ball, Chloe Pickering, Katherine Hogg, Miss MacLean, Mr Wilkinson and Mrs Hogg who eagerly collected their individual prizes of books, crisps and sweets.

A display has been made of the answers to the quiz and is on the wall outside the Library door. It shows the photos of the members of staff with their favourite book and gives their reasons for choosing it. The poster also tells you what title they would give to their autobiography if they wrote one.

By Noah Abdel-Khalek 7HW

 World Book DayWorld Book DayWorld Book Day

  World Book Day

A Message from the School Librarians

 Mrs Samra and Mrs Simons would like to thank all the Library Assistants for their ideas, hard work and support in preparing for World Book Day. You did a great job. Many thanks also to all the members of staff who took part and helped promote reading including Miss Brooks the Catering Manager who had a book themed menu in the school canteen. Finally, thanks to the wonderful parents who got involved and helped bake cakes and provide snacks for the lunch.