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NHS Competition Winners

We are delighted that four of our Y9 students have been awarded the regional winners prize for their group entry into the 'Step into the NHS' careers competition. Theo Jones, Yasmeen Soliman, Fearline Sebastian-Pillai and Jacob Townsend worked together to create a video on the importance of the role of psychiatry in the NHS. They received their awards from James McClean (a local director in the NHS) and Dr Walid Sorour (a consultant psychiatrist) who gave a fascinating presentation to Y9 and Y10 on the range of careers available in the NHS.

Diabetes UK

Well done to Y9, who raised £350 for Diabetes UK, their chosen charity this year, by selling raffle tickets for a week.  The raffle was drawn by Mr Furness this morning and the winners are listed below.  Thank you very much to everyone who has supported the fund-raiser by donating prizes and buying tickets.

small pdf icon Y9 Raffle Prizes.pdf

On Tuesday 24th April 2018, both lower and upper sixth RS students travelled to Leicester for their ‘Living the Faith: Hinduism’ experience day. Facilitated by the St Philip’s Interfaith Centre, students began the day by observing the daily arti worship at the Shree Sanatan Mandir, followed by a guided tour of the building led by the president of the Mandir, Ms Vibhooti Acharya. On returning to the Interfaith Centre, students were led into two discussion groups - one with Jiva, a Hindu faith practitioner living locally, the other by Dr Laura Johnson - both gave interesting insights on topics ranging from the significance of karma to the importance of Hindu iconography.

The day was full of new sights, sounds and experiences that will prove invaluable to our students in their continued study of the Hindu faith.