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News of the following events can be found on our website http://www.qegs.lincs.sch.uk:


Dear Parents and Carers,

I cannot believe it is July and we are only a few hours from breaking up for the summer.  Thank you for all your support and help this year whether that has been transporting your children to and from school events, coming along to watch the various performances and fixtures, assisting on trips and visits or making a donation to our ‘pound a week’ scheme; we would struggle to manage without you!  It has been amazing to be in school over the last few weeks, to see the student body fully involved in community service.  Y7 ran a very successful Community Café whilst students from other years undertook a Memory Walk or tidied-up churchyards or visited elderly residents in Tanglewood.  It was humbling to see so many doing their bit for the wider community.

The Awards Evening on Monday was a delight especially as we got to hear back from two of our alumni Phoebe Merrit (Head Girl) and Rohan Varadaraj (Deputy Head Boy); we heard all about their first year of university.  On Tuesday evening we had a retirement dinner to celebrate the contribution made by five staff members who leave us today.  Mrs Boucher has been associated with the school for 39 years, Mr Forster for 31 years, Mr Payne for 27 years, Mrs Cook (my PA) also for 27 years and Mr Cawthorne for 21 years.  Their presence will be missed in September.

We heard recently that the Department for Education would like us to extend our successful partnership working with other schools to form a Multi Academy Trust.  We are hoping that there will be four founding schools: ourselves, Banovallum, Frithville Primary School and New York Primary School.  Our ambition would be to be up and running by 1st December.

Please do check uniform for September; we have made some amendments.  Firstly, students in Y7-11 will have three options to accompany their school blazer; dark grey trousers and dark grey sweater, navy trousers and navy sweater or navy skirt and navy sweater.  Would you double check school shoes and ensure that they are the correct style; Doc Martens and trainer-style shoes do not form part of our uniform.  Finally, we are conscious of the amount of gear students bring to school and we will be insisting that they use a proper school bag or backpack; handbags and strappy shoulder bags are not appropriate.

I am sure news of the changes to our mobile phone policy for Y7-Y11 will have filtered through.  However, just in case you do not know, mobile phones need to be switched off and out of sight whilst on school property.  Students wishing to phone home or if home needs to get in touch, can still use the School Office.

So thank you, it has been a wonderfully busy year, we work hard so we can offer a wide range of opportunities and experiences alongside high quality teaching.  Tomorrow we say goodbye to our visitors from Beijing; our first experience of working with a Chinese school and we learnt a lot! Thank you to everyone who hosted, especially those that offered to host two, and families who, because of the unusual circumstances we were confronted with on arrival, were stoic in not being allocated a visitor.  We will try and get some feedback from you to see if it is something we should try to do again.

Mrs H. Payne



Students celebrated another positive year at the recent School Awards’ Evening. The event was for students from Years 7, 8, 9 and 10 and recognised some outstanding achievements in the last year, both in and out of the classroom.

Pupils were entertained by a musical performance from harpist Hayley Capel. The Tim Barker Memorial Trophy went to Louis Jones and Alice Kemp and the prizes were presented by former students Phoebe Merritt and Rohan Varadaraj.










QEGS STEM club participated in the Lincolnshire Show Schools’ Challenge again this year. The Great Gardening Challenge was started in January and this year’s theme was victory gardens and the dig for victory campaign. During WW1 and WW2 due to the shortage of food, people were encouraged to grow their own vegetables. At the start of WW2 the government launched the ‘Dig for victory’ campaign which saw every available space turned into vegetable patches, even the Tower of London and Hyde Park. Air raid shelters featured quite heavily in the STEM club research so they decided to use this as the focal point for the garden and presentation. They grew and planted a range of vegetables from potatoes to beetroot and even made a Union Jack out of the vegetables. They also had to produce a recipe book to accompany the garden. All of the students worked very hard and were awarded second place, with the judges commenting that they wish they could have given two first places.



During the summer holidays, you may be considering purchasing new school uniform items, so please see below for a few reminders re our uniform policy for September.

School shirts: For the Autumn and Spring terms, students need to wear a long-sleeved white shirt; short sleeves are only allowed in the summer.

School skirts: Skirt length is a perennial problem and we ask that skirts are of knee length and either “A” line with kick-pleat or simply straight. Tight-fitting skirts, those with slits or those that are too short do not form part of our uniform.  In years 7-11, skirts must be navy.

School trousers: Trousers need to be a ‘classic’ style which means that tightly fitting and/or skinny (narrow-legged/drainpipe) designs are not permitted. In Years 7-11, trousers can be either charcoal grey or navy (not black).

Footwear: we ask for plain, leather shoes – low-heeled, well-fitted and a non-sports/trainer style.  Plimsolls and canvas shoes do not form part of our uniform.  Unfortunately, students are not permitted to wear boots or Doc Marten-style shoes.

Anyone requiring special consideration due to a medical condition, simply needs to send a letter from a medical professional to explain what is needed.

Sixth Form: the same applies to students in the Sixth Form in relation to style of trouser and skirt.

We do expect very high standards of dress and appearance from our students and we are grateful for the support parents offer; it is not always easy and we appreciate that you want to ensure that you are purchasing the correct items.  The illustrations and uniform lists on our website are a good guide to what is expected and a useful reference for parents when making decisions on uniform especially in relation to the ‘style’ of trousers and skirts.



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The Parents' Association are holding a competition throughout the summer, they will be awarding prizes when they reach Facebook ‘Like’ milestones. Log in and select Follow Us for your chance to win bottles of wine and a school lunchtime fast pass for your son or daughter. 


 @QEGSHorncastlePA    Are you following us?



QEGS 1 team won both their league games very comfortably beating Louth Academy 5 and a half rounders to 3 rounders and QEGS Alford 7 and half rounders to 1. They finished league winners and played Somercotes Academy in the semi-final. Unfortunately, despite some good fielding the team lost by half a rounder, so Somercotes Academy went through to the final.











Congratulations to everyone who has done ABRSM, Rockschool and Trinity music exams this term (far too many to mention!) but especially Aakash Jansari who has gained a distinction in his grade 8 cello and completed his Young Music Maker 2018 award.

The Wizard of Oz - The show is open to all students in Year 7-13 (no previous experience required!).  Rehearsals start on Wednesday 12th September and the performances are on Weds 12th - Sat 15th Dec.  A fabulous opportunity not to be missed!  More information will be available at the start of the new academic year.





The Biology Challenge was completed in March and the results are as follows:

Highly commended – Rosie Morris and Will Ward;

Bronze – Nana Amankwa, Sam Cridland, Clara Dunbavin, Joshua Hutton, Amelia Kerry, Jack Lunn, Edward Read, Sandeep Reddy, Daisy Samra and Tom Welberry;

Silver – Lucy Armstrong, Matthew Birchall, Athul Dinesh, Israel Houghton, Peter Michell, Raashi Padhiyar, Charlie Portlock, Silas Sherburn, Hannah Solly and Mallika Varadaraj;

Gold – Tom Burman and Amber Welburn.



To view more information about how you can get involved in school life through volunteering or find out how to make a donation, please follow this link: http://www.qegs.lincs.sch.uk/parents/fundraising

We have also registered for Gift Aid.  If you choose to make a donation and opt in to Gift Aid we will receive an additional 25% at no additional cost to you.  There is a form to complete which contains more details and can be found at this link:  Gift Aid Multiple Donations Form.  We have designed the form so that consent is given once for any donations you may make whilst your child is at school (it can of course be withdrawn at any time if you wish).



Image result for 5 star food hygieneWe are delighted that our catering team has once again received a 5 Star rating for food hygiene.  Can we tempt you to take a look at what we offer each day in our school canteen?  http://www.qegs.lincs.sch.uk/content/aboutQEGS/canteen/Catering%202018-19.pdf


Did you know that the annual value of Free School Meals is approximately £420 per child?  If eligible, this is paid directly and discretely into your child’s school meals account.

We have a quick and easy online system for you to use to check your child’s eligibility.  Follow this link, input your details and the results will be emailed to you within minutes.  https://cloudforedu.org.uk/ofsm/sims



http://www.qegs.lincs.sch.uk/images/Menu/Parents/Qegsneedsyourhelp/divi.pngIf you use the Lincolnshire Co-op, as a dividend card holder you can nominate our school to receive funds every time you shop at no cost to you.  Please nominate us as your community champion, use this link and ‘Choose Your Champion’, but take care to choose the right QEGS!




http://www.qegs.lincs.sch.uk/images/Menu/Parents/Qegsneedsyourhelp/easy.pngDid you know that whenever you shop online, your retailer could be making a donation to our school funds at no cost to you? We are now registered with easyfundraising.org.uk who have signed up over 3000 big name retailers willing to help schools raise money. Simply access your chosen retailer through the http://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/ website to trigger the donation. Every transaction will help!



Image result for traffic coneCommencing during August, significant roadworks are planned which will affect access to the school via West Street and the A158.  Diversions will be in place.  Please check our website for more information:  http://www.qegs.lincs.sch.uk/news/632-roadworks



Did you know that the value of Free School Meals is approximately £420 per child each year? If eligible, this is paid directly and discretely into your child’s school meals account. We now have access to an online system which will make it easier and faster for you to check your child’s eligibility.  Follow this link, input your details and the results should be emailed to you within minutes.  This removes the need for you to provide personal details to school and avoids unnecessary delays.  Of course, our Finance Team are still on hand to assist if required.   You can use this link to check eligibility as often as you wish if you feel your circumstances have changed.  https://cloudforedu.org.uk/ofsm/sims

Eligibility for Free School Meals also links to the Music Remissions Scheme (currently a 50% discount), Pupil Premium Funding (not Service Premium) and the annual school budget allocation. Please go ahead and make an application if you feel you may be eligible, your support is much appreciated.

If you would like more information about Pupil Premium, view the school website http://www.qegs.lincs.sch.uk/content/parents/Pupil Premium Strategy document  or contact Mrs Divers, Deputy Headteacher.



The 16-19 Bursary Fund is available to help Sixth Form students. It is a means of providing financial support to overcome barriers that would otherwise prevent a student continuing in their education.  More details can be found by following this link: http://www.qegs.lincs.sch.uk/students/sixth-form-menu-item/bursary 



We have also registered for Gift Aid.  If you choose to Gift Aid your donation, we will receive an additional 25% at no additional cost to you.  There is a form to complete which contains more details and can be found at this link:  Gift Aid Multiple Donations Form.  We have designed the form so that consent is given once for any donations you may make whilst your child is at school (it can of course be withdrawn at any time if you wish).





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Release of GCE results

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Release of GCSE results



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