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Newsletter 2 - November 2018

News of the following events can be found on our website https://www.qegs.lincs.sch.uk  

Dear Parents,

Another term is flying by and we can’t believe it is nearly Christmas. Rehearsals for the Wizard of Oz are in full swing – make sure you get your tickets as you are definitely going to be in for a treat. With the Carol Concert not far away and Prizegiving too, it is definitely beginning to look a lot like Christmas! Luckily we have not had any of the bad weather yet and there is a reminder later in the newsletter about the procedure if we do have to close the school for snow days. More importantly, of course, it is the PTA Christmas Fair on Friday and I know that Karen Baker and her team have been working tirelessly to make it a success. They need our help with raffle prizes, selling raffle tickets, donations of various items like the chocolate tombola, bottles for the ‘Wine or Water’ stall that Mr Wright is in charge of this year and the ever popular ‘unwanted Christmas present stall’ run by Ms Dale. Karen has listed the kinds of things you can help with later in the newsletter – please help with what you can and we look forward to seeing you on Friday for the now legendary Christmas Auction. No doubt Year 7 are already planning tricky challenges for their stalls. See you on Friday evening, 6.30pm and don’t forget the delicious Hog Roast.

Miss Woodward started her maternity leave on Monday 26th November and we are pleased to welcome Mrs Deepali Sahi, a specialist Maths teacher, as Miss Woodward’s replacement.

We have benefitted enormously from your help during the year and we are once again looking for volunteers to help in school. Can you spare some time to come into school and help out? There are numerous roles that you can fulfil from creative tasks like noticeboards to practical assistance on trips and visits as well as helping out with administration in the school office. If you have some time and would like to offer any help, in any area of school life including classroom support, get in touch. Our volunteers this year have revolutionised how our school works and it is great to have so many parents directly involved in school life.

We launched our ‘Pound a Week’ fund as a means to enrich what we do in school. Thank you for all the donations last year and we would like to develop the scheme this year to include a number of projects which will make what we do ‘even better if’ and if you would like to support them, you will be able to choose which project you would like your donation to go to. We will write to you separately about this.

You will remember that I told you about a Trust we were forming that will allow four local schools to work even more closely together; it is called Horncastle Education Trust and will come into being on 1st December. It marks an exciting venture and a real opportunity to create an educational community of like-minded schools who see value in collaboration. The four schools are ourselves, Banovallum, Frithville Primary and New York Primary. You will begin to see Horncastle Education Trust information and the new logo on the schools’ websites and on some correspondence that you receive. We have a new Trust Board comprised of governors from all four schools, this will be the governing body for the new Trust. Here is a list of the new Trustees: David Bennett (Chair), Ian Birchall, Sue Brackenbury, Paul Brewster, Jo Casey, Wendy Ireland, Nic Kelsey, Andrew Turner, Chris Waters and Heather Payne (CEO). We have also been fortunate to enlist the help of four local people to be Members. The Members are the guardians of the Trust and it is their role to ensure that the Trustees run Horncastle Education Trust effectively and do not deviate from its founding values. David Bennett (Chair of the Trust Board), Mick Gill, Fiona Martin, Robert Myers and Tim Peacock are our Members. For the last three months the Trustees, Members and the Headteachers have been meeting regularly to make all the preparations so that the Trust is ready for operation on 1st December.

We have been having a lot of trouble with lost property so we are going to tighten up on our procedures. From Monday, the lost property box will be kept locked and opened once a day at 1.30pm under the supervision of Sixth Formers. Can I ask that you check that every item of uniform and sports kit are clearly named using an indelible pen or name tape? That would help us enormously.

Finally, the policy of not having mobile phones is working really well – thank you for your support. For your reference, there is a copy of the policy statement about mobile phones included in this newsletter.

Thank you very much.

Mrs H. Payne,



QEGS Christmas Fair advert


Christmas Fair

The Fair this year will have a wonderful Christmas atmosphere, provided by the Flute Choir, together with Christmas trees and the smell of mulled wine and hog roast filling the hall. Our auction will commence early in the evening and all the items included can be found on our website. If you are unable to attend you can send in sealed bids. http://www.qegs.lincs.sch.uk/51-pta/672-christmas-fair-auction-2018

There are many fantastic items to be auctioned this year including:

 Samsung Tablet

 Eurofighter Simulator Experience

 Kinema Tickets

 Various Cream Tea, Afternoon Tea and Dinner Vouchers Selling raffle tickets for the Christmas Fair

Hamper filled with goodies from Fairburn’s Eggs

 The ever popular ‘Fast Passes’

Body Shop Basket

 Fantasy Island Wristbands

Christmas Tree Voucher from Caswell’s Christmas Trees

Swedish back and neck massage from Chatz in Horncastle

 Lincolnshire Poacher Cheese Hamper

 Deer Experience from Stourton Estates

 Animal Portrait Voucher from Kirsty Wilde

MOT Voucher from Haltham Garage plus many, many more….

Please note that some of the high value items may have a reserve price attached. Please check the school website for additional items.

We would be grateful for donations of:

  • Cakes
  • Cookies
  • Unwanted presents
  • Raffle and Tombola prizes
  • Auction offerings
  • Mince pies
  • Wine
  • Chocolate
  • Prizes for Santa sacks
  • Bottles of Shloer (or similar)

Date of Next Meeting

The date of the next meeting is Wednesday 9 January 2019, 6.45pm, QEGS Staff Room. All parents are welcome to attend.


You will be receiving a copy of the school calendar early next term. This is provided by the Parents’ Association. Enquiries about advertising on the calendar in the future can be made to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

200 Club

Entries for the 200 Club will close on Friday 30 November 2018, so make sure that you have filled in a form and returned it to the Parents’ Association by then or completed the payment on ParentPay, to ensure that you are included in the draw.

The 200 Club is a simple fundraising venture for the school. For a single one-off payment of £10 you will be entered into a draw each month for the next 10 months with a chance to win cash prizes of £40, £30, £20 and £10 each month. Players must be 16 years or over and can be parents, friends, neighbours, relatives or workmates. A single win repays the cost of playing for the whole year! All students benefit from improved resources because the school has more money to spend. Don’t delay, join today!


If we do have to close for any reason such as bad weather, we will be using the school website and local radio to get the message out. We will also text and email parents, in addition we update our Twitter account.


Musical note Christmas Carol Concert

Tuesday 18th December, 7pm, St Mary's Church

Free admission but retiring collection for charity at the end.

This is a popular annual event in the school calendar featuring the school choirs and ensembles plus the opportunity to join in some carol singing.

A reminder to parents that students participating in school concerts wear smart black clothes (with optional coloured ties and jewellery). Students are not required to wear school uniform but come appropriately dressed (i.e. no very short skirts/dresses, no trainers etc.)

Wizard of Oz

The Wizard of Oz is on Wednesday 12th December - Saturday 15th December. Tickets are selling fast so be sure not to miss out! You can purchase them through ParentPay at £6/£4. Email This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. for more information.


Parent App Lite - iconWe introduced SIMS Parent App Lite to Y7 parents on 21st November. This allows parents to check the details we hold on them and their children and submit amendments when necessary. Thank you to those Y7 parents who've already checked their details and submitted amendments. We will be rolling out to other year groups before the end of the year.




We are migrating email to Office365 this term. Students who are used to visiting https://webmail.qegs.lincs.sch.uk/owa to access email will instead go to https://outlook.office365.com and login using their QEGS email address and normal username.


To help us manage congestion and for your own safety, please avoid bringing a vehicle onto our site or near to our school entrance at drop off or pick up time.


Have you topped up?

Parent PayParentPay is the quick and easy online payment system allowing you to top up your child’s school meals account. Log in to check your balance and ensure funds are available in advance of purchases. 5


Community Champion – Community Quarter Co-op Dividend Card

We are delighted to have been selected as one of the organisations to benefit from fundraising during the quarter September to December this year. Funds will be raised from the carrier bag levy, a percentage of dividend card transactions and other in store events. Shop with the Lincolnshire Coop to help us raise money!

On Line Shopping

easyfundraisingDid you know that whenever you shop online, your retailer could be making a donation to our school funds at no cost to you? We are now registered with easyfundraising.org.uk who have signed up over 3000 big name retailers willing to help schools raise money. Simply access your chosen retailer through the http://www.easyfundraising.org.uk/ website to trigger the donation. Every transaction will help!


Congratulations to all the Year 11 students for taking and passing their CEFE e-tests.


Congratulations to the new 28 Bronze Award holders and the 1 Silver Award Duke of Edinburgh holder for achieving their awards. We look forward to reading about the achievements of many more students over the next year and approving their awards. Certificates and badges will be presented in assembly at the end of this term. Mrs Bargh.



From 1st September 2018, the Governors of Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School decided to significantly restrict the use of mobile phones on the school site. The policy is intended to increase the social interaction of students at breaks, lunchtimes and after school and to reduce the incidence of antisocial behaviour caused by mobile phones.

Students in Y7 – Y11 are not allowed to have their phones out whilst on school site between when they first arrive on site until they leave. The restrictions apply until 4.15pm each school day.

Sixth Form students are allowed to use their phones when in the Sixth Form Centre, in designated study areas e.g. the Independent Learning Centre or under the direction of a member of staff for educational purposes in lessons. Phones should not be used in public spaces around the school site until after 4.15pm.

Exceptions for educational benefit: There will be rare occasions when a member of staff may seek special permission for students in Y7 Y11 to use mobile phone technology in lessons because it brings a specific educational benefit. Parents and carers will be notified in writing if that is going to happen and their permission sought.

School trips and visits: When on school visits, the trip organiser will decide whether mobile phones can be used and the communication about the trip should state what, if any, restrictions there will be on mobile phone use. If students or parents / carers are unsure, they should always ask the trip organiser for clarification. 6

Emergency / Urgent messages: There will be times when parents and carers need to communicate urgently with their child. The School Office is the first point of contact for parents and carers in such an emergency and the Office will ensure that the urgent message is delivered to the child directly. Similarly, students may wish to contact their parent or carer urgently during the day and can telephone home from Reception.

Internal and external examinations: Mobile phones are not allowed to be taken into examinations and students are advised to leave them in their lockers prior to the start of the exam. A student who takes a phone into an examination will need to switch it off and hand it to the invigilator at the start of the exam. Phones are returned to students once the exam has finished.

Breaches of the mobile phone policy during the school day: Where a student is found to be accessing their phone during school, the phone will be removed from them and stored securely until the end of the day. Students can then reclaim their phone from the Main Office between 3.45pm and 4.00pm.

Should a student be using their phone between 3.45pm and the point they leave the school site, the phone will be removed and stored securely overnight. The phone can be collected at the start of the next day after 8.50am from Reception. Should this happen on a Friday evening, the phone will be stored securely and be available for collection on Monday morning (after 8.50am from Reception).

Breaches of the mobile phone policy after 3.45pm: When a phone is removed from a student after 3.45pm, they will always be offered the opportunity to telephone home before they leave the school site to let parents and carers know what has happened. If it is a Friday when the phone is removed, a member of staff will also try to notify home. There is no facility to return phones on a weekend.

Repeated breaches of the mobile phone policy: If in any half term a student has their phone removed more than three times, they will lose the privilege of bringing their phone into school. Parents and carers will be notified if this happens. The privilege will be re-instated at the start of the next half term.

After school clubs and activities: By 4.15pm most students have left the school site and the restrictions on using phones can be lifted; they come back into force the next day when students start arriving on site.

During the day if a student brings their mobile phone to school it should be kept in their blazer or locker and switched off.


The school Equestrian team were competing at the National Championships on the 19th October at Bury Farm in Buckinghamshire. Flossie England managed 17th place individually out of a massive warm up class.

The team of four; Flossie England, Lucy Robertson, Molly Wylde and Rose Elliot were second to go in to the championship class and the course was technical and big, just how it should be in a Championship class. The first three riders Molly, Flossie and Lucy all finished on four faults and Rose rode an accurate clear leaving a combined score of 8 faults in a very competitive time.

After a long wait for the results we finished just out of the top ten allowing us to head home. The team would like to thank QEGS for giving the students the opportunity to compete at this prestigious event.

QEGS Equestrian Team



Upon arrival in Iceland, we were treated to 2 hours in the Blue Lagoon. Sipping our complimentary smoothies and milkshakes whilst relaxing in the soothing hot water in minus degree conditions was a truly memorable experience. Later that day, we went for a walk around the capital Reykjavik with our guide for the week, ‘God’. He took us to the ‘best hot dog stand in Iceland’, which we all agreed was ‘alright’. Whilst on our travels, we saw columnar jointing, several beautiful waterfalls, and black sand beaches and were incredibly fortunate to see the northern lights. Alongside the Blue lagoon, walking on a glacier was a surreal highlight of the trip, using crampons and ice picks to help us walk on the ice. Once we had finished, our guide showed us a sign of where the glacier had been in 2010 and sadly it was several hundred metres away from where it is now, bringing home the effects of climate change and showing what we have learned in our lessons.

Throughout the trip we were constantly witnessing geological and geographical structures which we have already been taught about, providing us with real life context and case studies. Alongside this, we experienced unique Icelandic culture, tasting fish-jerky, sheep brains and singing Icelandic songs. From this trip we not only gained worldly experiences but also improved our understanding of the natural structures and landforms helping us with our respective A-levels. We would completely recommend this trip to anyone who receives the opportunity to go as we gained so much from it and are so lucky to have been. It’s just a shame we can’t go more often.

Katie, Claudia and Peter

Iceland Field Trip


Train to teach with us - advert


We are delighted that Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School and Charter TSA, in partnership with BGU, is now a lead school for School Direct and are recruiting to initial teacher training (ITT) courses for the 2019/20 recruitment cycle. We are working together with 11 local partner schools (in primary and secondary) to train the next generation of outstanding teachers.

We have 21 teacher training places available in the following phases and subjects; Primary (early years and KS1-KS2), Art, Business Studies, Design and Technology, Drama, English, Maths, Music, Science (all specialisms) and PE, with both salaried (in some subjects) and fee paying routes available.

The School Direct teacher training programme with Charter TSA is an excellent opportunity for graduates and career changers to join the teaching profession. School Direct is a route into teaching that places school-led training at the heart of the experience.

The Charter TSA programme is primary and secondary age focused with a 3-11 and 11-18 pathway. On our School Direct teacher training programme, you will be given in-depth experience in the classroom. You will be based in one of the schools in the partnership and will also be taught by BGU, attending lectures and seminars to bolster your hands-on experience with theories. In addition, away from the classroom, you will receive practical training sessions from Specialist Leaders in Education, experienced teachers and the team at Charter TSA.

We have a strong partnership with BGU, a university recognised for teaching excellence and we offer a wide range of experts to provide practical help and support. If you or someone you know is interested in training to teach with Charter TSA and would like the opportunity to experience placements in great schools, you can find us on UCAS (search Queen Elizabeth’s Grammar School, Horncastle) or please feel free to contact Jo Fieldsend (Director of Teaching School) on 01507 522465 or by email; This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.







Y10 Parents’ Evening, 7pm


PTA Christmas Fair 6.30 -8.30pm





12 -15(Wed -Sat)

School Production, Wizard of Oz


Carol Concert, St Mary’s Church, 7pm


Senior Prizegiving Evening, 7.30pm


End of Term








Term begins

9 (Wed)

Parents’ Association  meeting, 6.45pm in QEGS Staff Room


Y7 Parents’ Evening, 7pm

11 -18 (Fri -Fri)

Y11 Mock Exams


Sixth Form Application Afternoon, 2pm






Y8 Civil War Day


Sixth  Form Application Afternoon, 2pm


Intermediate Maths Challenge


Madrid Trip


Y11 Parents’ Evening, 7pm

14 -15(Thurs -Fri)

Y11 Stop the Clock 1:1 mentoring


Choir Fest, 7.30pm (prov)


End of Term