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There is a strong practical element throughout this course, which covers playwrights and practitioners, Ancient and Modern. Experience in drama at GCSE is not a necessary pre-requisite.


The course comprises three components. 

The first component requires students to create, perform and evaluate a unique and original piece of theatre.

The second component explores two contrasting play texts through two performances: a group performance and a monologue or duologue, and a written portfolio.

The third component looks at a play from a performer/designer’s point of view and an independent study of a play from a chosen historic period, incorporating an evaluation of live theatre.


The performance and devised components are assessed internally, but externally moderated by video and the candidates’ notes.  The final component is assessed by formal examination at the end of the course.


Much of this course involves independent research and sustained and creative thought rather than formal essay writing skills.  Homework demands will vary – the performance units demand considerable commitment beyond the normal lesson and homework time while the textual study component fits easily into the usual pattern.  Enthusiasm, the ability to work independently and a readiness to be involved and to share ideas are essential.  For many, the opportunities for creative thinking and personal responsibility make this an exciting option in the Sixth Form.


While some traditional universities offering very theoretical courses are asking for English Literature A Level for entry to the Theatre Studies degree course, most others require a post-GCSE qualification in the subject.  In addition all universities and many employers now recognise the value of the Drama A level for the skills it engenders of confident communication, critical appraisal, meeting deadlines and working independently as well as in a team.


In order to study A level Drama you must have obtained at least a grade 6 at GCSE in Drama or Performing Arts.  If you have not been examined in these subjects at GCSE you should have obtained a grade 6 or higher in GCSE English.

Please see Mr Watkins if you would like to discuss this course.