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The mind is something intangible that exists within our brain. An unseen process of enzymes, chemicals and electric current moving within the structure of our neural networks dictates why we feel, think and behave the way we do.  But why is it that some people suffer form stress and mental illness?  Why so some fear snakes yet some think them cuddly?  Psychology looks at questions like these in the study of the human mind and behaviour.  It is a science that has real world applications to issues in everyday life.


There are eight compulsory subjects to study and three optional groups of topics to choose from.  


Three papers are taken at the end of the second year.

Paper 1: Introductory topics in psychology

Paper 2: Psychology in context

Paper 3: Issues and options in psychology 


Psychology has links with many disciplines including biological, computer and forensic science as well as humanities such as sociology, philosophy, anthropology and even literature. It involves study of theory, empirical evidence and practical applications.  This mix of disciplines helps to make psychology such a fascinating subject.  


Psychology is useful for any job that requires lots of interaction or an understanding of human behaviour and development.  People with skills in psychology are sought after in business, management, teaching, research, social work and careers in medicine and healthcare.


Although there are no specific stated GCSE requirements in preparation for the course, students are required to have achieved at least a grade 6 in GCSE English Language.  It is also desirable to have achieved at least a grade 6 in Maths and a grade B in Biology.


In the case of over-subscription, students will be required to achieve a grade 6 in Mathematics, or a B grade in Additional Science, or a B grade in Biology/Chemistry, and an additional task will be set during Induction Week in June to help determine who should study the subject.

If you have any questions regarding this course please see Miss Start.