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The media is an ever-evolving, omnipresent element of contemporary society. During their academic lives, students learn to read and write, to analyse language and interpret literature.  Media Studies A level capitalises on these skills and casts a wider net across new technologies, popular culture and media production. The course offers students the opportunity to combine creative projects with underpinning theory embracing the exciting potential of new media.

Through a variety of approaches, candidates are able to develop their technical competencies and their reading of a wide range of media texts. The successful A level media student will be aware and pro-active, an open audience and an exciting producer. He or she will develop a critical eye and a resonant voice, ready to participate in the global dialogue.


As of 2017 there is a new course structure and, in line with other A levels, this becomes a full two year subject.

The course is divided into three parts:

  1. Students will examine the history, construction and form of media products and how representation is used to illicit a response in the audience.
  2. Students will engage with various theoretical and critical debates relevant to the subject areas to develop a deeper understanding of the ideas and arguments which underpin media analysis.
  3. Practical task.  Students will use the knowledge gained in the previous modules to construct and analyse their own media product.


The practical coursework undertaken in the second year is internally assessed and there are two end-of-course examinations.


Media/Film Studies is an area of rapid growth and opportunity, fitting well with a wide range of other subject areas.  Increasing numbers of our students go on to study Media/Film Studies at university and work in the media industries.


In order to study A level Media Studies you should have obtained at least a grade B at GCSE in Media Studies.  If you have not been examined in this subject at GCSE you should have obtained a grade 6 or higher in English Language or English Literature.

In the case of oversubscription for this course, there is a subject specific task set during Induction Week which will determine those students who are selected for Media Studies.

If you have any questions regarding this course please see Mr Jackson or Mr Grant.