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Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School Horncastle

On Friday, 18th July 2014 the Student Council ventured out to ‘The Showroom’ in Lincoln for a day’s activities. These included rock climbing, dance mats, bowling and parkour which the students were thoroughly excited about. On arrival we split into three groups and were ready to take on the challenge. In the “party room” we tackled the dance mats and were set the task of working in pairs to get the highest score. The difficulty then went up a notch as we had to attempt a reflected version of the challenge, which proved confusing but satisfying when the correct technique was mastered. Then we had a short break to catch our breath on the mini ten pin bowling lanes.

Parkour was something completely different, incorporating specific controlled moves similar to gymnastics in order to overcome obstacles. Although difficult at first, all students had a brilliant time and found overcoming a new experience rewarding. The instructor told us at the end that we were one of the best beginner groups he had ever taught and thoroughly encouraged us all to come back in the summer and take part in the workshops and activity days that he was organising. Rock climbing had to be one of the most daunting of tasks due to the sheer size of the walls. After initial instruction on how to climb safely and how to look after your partner, the group took it upon themselves to scale the wall one by one and tried to get a high as possible. Many of us managed to get to the top and even Mrs Bourne got in on the action.

Overall the day was not only fun and challenging but succeeded in bringing the council closer together and was extremely rewarding after a year’s work. We developed our teamwork skills, communicated clearly and all fully involved ourselves in the new activities. We would like to thank Mrs Divers for organising and taking us on the trip as well as Mrs Bourne for accompanying us.