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Queen Elizabeth's Grammar School Horncastle

The school promotes excellence in PE and sport but also participation. We offer a wide-range of activities all of which are also covered in the curriculum.

We enter all of the competitions offered to us by what was the School Sport Partnership in order to maximise the sporting opportunities for our students.

The school has fantastic links with many of the local sports clubs and we strive to promote suitable opportunities for our students to participate in sport and physical activity outside of the school environment.

We are constantly striving to maximise opportunities for our students

An extracurricular programme is updated each term with activities running both and lunchtimes and afterschool. A large number of staff outside of PE also contribute to the programme as well as outside coaches.


Term  5 – Extra Curricular Clubs and Practices 


Lunchtime (13:10 - 13:50pm)

After school (16:00-17:00pm)


Years 7 - 10 Boys Tennis (Mr Cope - Tennis Courts)

Year 9 & 10 Boys Indoor Cricket (Mr Wilkinson - Sports Hall) *outside from Monday 15th May



Running Club (Mrs Payne, Mr Forster, Mr Bradbury, Ms Freeman - meet at reception)

Year 8 - 10 Girls Rounders (Mrs Parsons - Sports Field)

Year 8 & 9 Boys Rounders (Mr Cope - Sports Field)

Squash (Miss Maclean - Letter Only)

Sailing Mr O'Neill


Year 7 Girls Rounders (Mrs Blackburn - Sports Field)

Year 7 Boys Rounders (Hugo Finley & Ioan Clark - Sports Field)




Year 7 & 8 Indoor Cricket (Mr Wilkinson - Sports Hall) *outside from Thursday 11th May

All Years Girls Tennis (Miss Maclean - Tennis Courts)



Year 12 Boys & Girls Rounders (Mr Cope - Sports Field)

Year 11 GCSE PE Rounders (Mr Wilkinson - Sports Field) *in preparation for GCSE practical moderation


Most Clubs will begin the week commencing 18th April