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QEGS AcademiaThe first volume of QEGS Academia is available now. This is an academic journal designed to showcase some of the best, most interesting and thought-provoking work produced by our A level students. We hope that it provides an interesting read on a diverse range of topics. The journal is available on the school website.  We have also printed a small number of copies, which are around school; they will also be distributed in the local community. If you work in a business or organisation where you think it would be interesting and beneficial to have a printed copy of the journal, please feel free to get in touch with the Main Office and they will arrange for a copy to be sent to you. Ms Macdonald and Mrs Brown.

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 Drama Trip 2017 Drama Trip 2017 Drama Trip 2017 Drama Trip 2017

Drama Trip 2017 Drama Trip 2017 Drama Trip 2017 

On Monday 11th December, Mr Watkins and Mrs Wilkinson accompanied Year 10 and 11 GCSE Drama students to the West Yorkshire Playhouse to see The Lion, The Witch and The Wardrobe directed by Sally Cookson. The students thoroughly enjoyed Sally Cookson’s heart-warming and breath taking adaption of a timeless classic. With the West Yorkshire Playhouse’s Quarry theatre transformed into an ‘in-the-round’ auditorium for the first time and a performance that consisted of imaginative scenery and costumes, there were plenty of ideas for students to take inspiration from for their own devised performances and live theatre evaluations.

 Exchange Trip to Germany Dec 2017 Exchange Trip to Germany Dec 2017 German Exchange Dec 2017 German Exchange December 2017


Exchange Trip to Germany Dec 2017 Exchange Trip to Germany Dec 2017 German Exchange Dec 2017 German Exchange December 2017

Once again it was time to head off to Germany for our annual exchange and 35 excited Year 9 and Year 10 students were ready to depart just after midnight on Thursday, 30th November. We arrived in Mellendorf in the late afternoon on Friday, after a smooth journey, and the level of excitement increased as we got closer to our destination. Students spent the weekend with their exchange partners and their families and had a chance to practise their German and experience German life.

Many of them took the train into Hanover and explored their first German Christmas market. While in Germany, they took part in a variety of trips and spent some time in school with their partners. On Monday we drove to Goslar in the Harz mountains where we went down the Rammelsberg mine and then visited Goslar’s famous Christmas market in the afternoon. Tuesday morning was spent in school, where the Headteacher and deputy mayor of the Wedemark welcomed our students before we went bowling with the German partners in the afternoon. On Wednesday we went to Wolfsburg and our students spent time exploring the Autostadt with their partners. Our last excursion took us to Bremen on Thursday where we visited the Science Centre Universum and the local Christmas market in the historic town centre. We were lucky to have Mr Hogg and Mrs Wilkinson with us who, just like the students, enjoyed the German hospitality and the Christmas markets. The students were a pleasure to be with and we are looking forward to the return visit of the German exchange next spring.  

Mrs Hogg

Here is what some of the students thought about the exchange:

“The best part was going to the Autostadt.”

“The worst day was when we had to leave.”

“The weekend was so much fun… .”

“I would have liked to have more time in school with our partners.”

“The welcome I received was very warm. The family were very kind and understanding and the food was all good.”

My favourite day was Thursday as we went to the Universum and it was very hands on. The whole trip was exciting and I made friends with other English people and their partners.”

“It was a very fun, amazing experience and I will be going back to visit my exchange partner.”