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Welcome to The Design and Technology Department

Design & Technology is delivered byMr D. L. Bird - Teacher of Resistant Materials and Engineering
Mrs P. A. Blackler - Teacher of Food Technology and KS3 Textiles.
Mrs A. Bullock - Learning support in Food and Textiles.
Ms L. A. Durkin - Teacher of Product Design.
Mrs L. E. Lilliman - Teacher of Textiles Technology and KS3 Food.
Mr C. M. Payne - Teacher of Electronics and Engineering.   
Mr D. Waterfall - Learning support in Resistant Materials and Engineering.

There are specialist rooms for Electronics, Food Technology, Textiles Technology, Product Design, Resistant Materials, CADCAM Centre.



Years 7 to 9 - Design and Technology

In years 7 to 9, students gain a wide range of experiences in Design & Technology.  They will experience design and making products in a number of specialist areas using a range of materials. 

The projects are:

  • Electronics (Introduction to electronics and to design and make an Electronic Sign in Y7; Design and make a Cyber Friend in Y9)
  • Food Technology (Y7, 8, 9 Progressive Skills; Y9 Equipment Technology)
  • Textiles (Y7 Decorative Picture; Y8 Cuddly Book; Y9 Interior Design)
  • Product Design (Design and make a Celebration Card in Y7; Design and make a travel game in Y8)
  • Resistant Materials (To design and make a boat and electric powered vehicle in Y7; A wooden Puzzle in a Box in Y8 and a Clock in Y9)


Years 10 & 11 - Design And Technology

In years 10 & 11, students are able to take the following courses.  All of these Technology Courses are assessed through 60% coursework and 40% written examination:

Level Course  Exam Board
GCSEElectronic Products AQA
GCSEFood Technology AQA
GCSETextiles Technology AQA
GCSEProduct Design AQA
GCSEResistant Materials AQA


Years 12 & 13 - Design And Technology

Post 16 the following courses are offered:

Level Course  Exam Board
GCEProduct Design: 3D Design AQA
GCEProduct Design: Textiles AQA
GCESystems & Control AQA
GCEFood Technology Edexcel





Versalaser VL-200 - Laser cutter/engraver

Laser Power 30 Watt
Work Area: 16" x 12"
Weight: 80 pounds

Class 1 safety enclosure for CO2 laser beam. Class IIIa for red laser pointer.


LaserCAM A2+  - Laser cutter/engraver

Laser Power 30 Watts
Axis travel 660x 457 x 210mm
Head speed up to 1524mm/sec
Resolution up to 1000dpi
Red beam pointer
Dimensions 960(W) x 890(D) x 1020(H)mm
Weight 183Kg

Class 1 safety enclosure for CO2 laser beam. Class IIIa for red laser pointer. 

 Plasma1Techserv - plasma cutter

Roland MDX-540 - Milling Machine

Maximum 19.68" x 15.74" x 6.10" XYZ-Axis Travel


Dimension BST-768 - 3D Printer


ABS plastic in white, blue, yellow, black, red, green or steel gray colors.

Build Size:

Maximum size 203 x 203 x 305 mm
 (8 x 8 x 12 inches)

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